It won’t be fair not to show love to the cats that work behind the boards. Cats whose soundscapes help push hip-hop to loft heights. So in the same vein, this weekly list sheds light on budding and even established producers who continue to push the envelope for the culture. So sit back relax and get familiar with these producers.
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Misc.Inc – Insomnia

Germany based producer Marc aka is a lo-fi hiphop producer and his newest beat “Insomnia” kicks off the Top 10 instrumental submissions with a soothing feel. It’s ambient, dreamy soundscape is unndeniably powerful and engaging from start to finish.

 Radicule. – Practice (MGICSTCK).

Radicule comes through with another solid one he calls “Practice (MGICSTCK )”. He starts it with an infamous Iverson rant and switches into an ethereal soundscape that draws the listener into a whole different vibe. The second part of the beat, however, switches into a quirky blend of Lil Kim’s verse on “Magic Stick” over a slowed down sample of  Janet Jackson’s “Doesn’t Really Matter”

The beat is taken from his new EP, HiiiGHLIGHT_REEL.01,



E Dot – Something’s Missing

E Dot‘s “Something’s Missing” is the fifth instalment of a new release every Thursday through the end of the year. With “Something’s Missing” E Dot takes you on a psychedelically soulful trip book shelved between samples of insight from Jay Z..


Nimzo – State of the Art.

Nimzo showcases his instrumentation skills on “State of the art”, a beat containing no samples and was built off two guitars, an organ, a Rhodes and two sweet solos over a boombap beat giving off a smooth, dreamy vibe.



Jaron Lopez – Prophet.

LA-based producer Jaron Lopez‘s new beat “Prophet” is a laid-back, multi-layered instrumental that seeks to soothe the soul and relax the mind. The beat is taken from his new project Odd Times , an album exploring lo-fi textures and odd time signatures





TADASHI – Night Skies

Tadashi drops another signature tune he calls “Night Skies”. The groovy beat has a nostalgic guitar arrangement and ethereal strings that reall bring back memories.


JAKSPIN – Bells Angels

Greek/Lebanese producer, singer /DJ JAKSPIN cooks some solid produce on “Bells Angels”. The beat is a mellow, jazz-inspired beat that makes use of a nostalgia-inducing bell loop, flute and sparkling pianos to match.

“Bells Angels” is the first single from his new album The Chillhop Era.



Raphy – Pull Up.

Detroit producer Raphy delivers his unique style on the laid-back gloomy “Pull Up”. He blends melancholic vibes over a rollicking drum groove. Offbeat but very unique.


Listen to the full beat tape HERE.



Tyler Banx – That’s It.


Tyler Banx debuts on the top 10 submissions with a crisp soundscape that exudes smooth melodies, mellow grooves and lo-fi elements. It’s pretty soothing if you asked us.




 E Dot – Bad News.

E Dot shows up once again with “Bad News”, a feel good, soulful instrumental track. It is the sixth installment of new music every Thursday through the end of the year.


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