Radicule. is pushing the pedal to the max as he drops the visuals for his song “END CREDITS 2.5”. The self-produced track is the eclectic producer handling both the boards and vocal duties which he does perfectly. Over the booming choppy soundscape, he hits the ground running with lines like Smoking all gas, ni#$@, no brakes. Don’t tell Stephen A, we smoked before the First Take.” The fun continues though as he flows continuously like a leaky faucet and reminds us that he is back on focus with “Cut back on the simping, hit the gym with a mission/Tell my man Rico, nann ‘nother bitch gonn have me simpin“.

The track also comes with a self-directed visual that shows Radicule’s distinct style.

END CREDITS 2.5″ is one of seven new songs added to the deluxe version of S-RANK SLAPS II , a series inspired by JRPGs. It’s predecessor being in the form of an EP, 2.5 HD reMIX is scaled up to act more like a “mixed-bag of treats” style LP: Original synth compositions in the fashion of BGM, beats ranging the gamut from dusty to high res, & stellar vocal performances by S!LENCEBlackchai, & Radicule himself. Set to be released on Bandcamp & his website on July 2nd, Radicule is out to prove that being a jack of all trades, yet master of none, can be pretty damn cool. Handling all the artwork, animations, production, and creation of promo materials, Rad can hang in multiple arenas simultaneously… even if it’s only for a little while.

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