Eclectic and hard-working NY-based producer Radicule sets the tone with his new release titled S-RANK SLAPS II. A 5 track EP that sees him blending the old and the new with much gusto. The project starts off with “GUTTER$HIT”, a moody track with lush samples, aggressive vocal samples from street cats flexing on their ops and Radicule’s distinct choppy and punchy arrangements. The following track “TAKA-TAN BEAM 2” makes use of a classic r&b sample and flips it into an offbeat lofi jam that takes me back to junior high school in the mid-90s. “CLOSUHH” comes up next and its rich textures, screwed vocal samples and horns help change the mood of the project and serve as a soothing piece that listeners can just sit back and vibe to. “OSBORN WAVECAP”  is the only track including vocals courtesy of rapper S!LENCE who flexes his verbal biceps over Radicule’s offbeat and soulful soundscape. The final track “END CREDITS 2” is an aptly titled record that has a nostalgic and solemn feel and just listening to it, one can picture rolling film credits on the screen.

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