Zeroh is nuts. He’s kinda playful but don’t let that mask what is an epic display of lyricism with every verse he’s put out. Kinda wonky, but unique. ‘Tape’ is his latest offering.

As typical of Zeroh he goes over some experimental beats. They give him more leeway to do what he likes, and he pulls it off. A proper talented MC is Zeroh, and you can listen and download (or buy, name your price) ‘Tape’ from below – after unlocking it of course – as well as listening to his previous stuff via his Soundcloud, link to that is at the bottom. Definately one of my top MCs of the moment. And he just approaches his talent with a total nonchalance. He just does what he likes and it’s just dope.

Not sure about production credits. Could be all Zeroh.

[viral-lock]STREAM/BUY (NAME YOUR PRICE’ ‘Tape’ FROM BANDCAMP HERE[/viral-lock]

Zeroh: SoundcloudTwitter


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