The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Ember Woods – “Down 4 Me”


Ember Woods shares a new single “Down 4 Me” that flips a classic R&B track into something new. A mix of heartfelt lyrics and an emotional punch that hits the soul. Something for new lovers out here trying to wing this thing called love
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Balt Getty, Chino XL – “Empty Place”


“Empty Place” is the new release from the duo of Balt Getty and Chino XL. This continues their string of releases and once again showcases a solid blend of gripping beats and intricate insightful lyrics from the rap veteran Chino XL.
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J1hunnit L4E & nokley – “Tear Us Down”

“Tear Us Down” is a rousing, cinematic piece by J1hunnit L4E and Nokley. An excellent blend of insightful fiery lyrics over driving punchy instrumentation.
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Be Kind – “Cowbell”


Australia based UK artist Be Kind shares his new release titled “Cowbell.” Bolstered by a punchy production, melodic runs, and heartfelt lyrics, the song is quite engaging from start to finish.
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MeRCY – “The Sun-Sentinel “(Uncut)


MeRCY kicks off 2021 with the visuals for the song “The Sun-Sentinel .” Backed by a soulful backdrop courtesy of Syer On The Beat and visuals directed by TwaunSoDef, MeRCY plays the main correspondent for the streets to the world.
“The Sun-Sentinel,” is taken from his latest full-length release Everything Under The Sun. Get it on all DSPs here.




La Purp – “All The Same”


Rapper/Singer La Purp makes her entry on our list with a fiery cut titled “All The Same.” The track is a showcase of insightful and bravado lyrics over a hard-hitting off-kilter backdrop.
“All The Same” is taken from her debut EP Brick By Brick.



Jamar Carr x D. Thompson – “Bad Thing”

The duo of Jamar Carr and D. Thompson return with their new single “Bad Thing.” An upbeat track that dives into love during the lockdown.





ILL KNOB – “They Don’t Like That”

ILL KNOB delivers an inspirational track titled “They Don’t Like That” on our list. Armed with his unique flow and vivid lyrics, he takes time to uplift listeners to find their self-worth despite what others think. Get it on all DSPs here.



Noutéka Collective – “LINES [Posse Cut]”

Diverse musical collective Noutéka shares the visuals for their posse cut titled “LINES [Posse Cut]” An ambitious soul/hip-hop fusion song that is 8 minutes long and features 8 members from the group. Each artist bringing a whole different vibe to the cut.
STREAM It on Spotify here.



Ro$$eTTi – “Ain’t for You”


Emerging emcee Ro$$eTTi based in Pittsburgh makes his entry on our list with his new release titled “Ain’t for You.” The track makes use of a classic soul sample and sees the artist detailing his self-growth and go-getter attitude.
“Ain’t for You” is taken from his new project.
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Mr. Morrison & The Longshow – “Apocalypse Shopping List”


“Apocalypse Shopping List” by Mr. Morrison and The Longshow is an interesting concept revolving around a post-apocalyptic reality that is all too familiar. Backed by a moody backdrop and vivid lyrics of a what-if situation, listeners get to see things from a different perspective.
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Dre A.M. – “barely alive”

Queens, NY emcee Dre A.M. showcases his pen game on the new single “barely alive,” a moody track ripe with off-kilter and vivid lyrics.



Varnell Hill – “Listen To Yourself”

LA-based artist Varnell Hill’s “Listen To Yourself” is an unapologetic track that details a relationship gone sour. he describes a situation where his partner stays argumentative and he has had it up to here.



Abstract – “2020 Won”


Abstract shares his thoughts on “2020 Won” where he breaks down his life journey through the tumultuous year we know as 2020. From producer Michael Ferguson’s moody backdrop and Abstract ‘s fiery performance, listeners get thrown in the mix and we see what really makes the man tick. Get the LP here.


Blxst – “Hurt “(Live Harp Performance)

Los Angeles artist Blxst puts together a harp rendition of his single “Hurt.” The somber song showcases excellent lyrics from the rapper who has learned the hard way and he is now moving on from the hurt.



KID TRAVIS – “Intergalactic Interlude(Galaxy-Prelude)”


KID TRAVIS shares the new song “Intergalactic Interlude(Galaxy-Prelude)” from his recently released project Strawberry Skies Album. The track has a mellow and moody texture which serves as the perfect backdrop for the singer’s angelic vocals.
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Kev Brown & J Scienide – “Out The Safari”

In promotion of Kev Brown and J Scienide’s sophomore LP, Stray From The Pack, the DMV-based emcee/producer duo present the Kreative71-directed visuals for the album cut, “Out the Safari,” which is both a celebration of the album’s release and their work together as a whole.
Stream Stray From The Pack on all DSPs here



theMVP – “Knife in My Back”


Emcee theMVP is relentless on his song “Knife in My Back” a hard-hitting cut that dives into backstabbers and fake friends. Armed with a gruff vocal and unique flow, he delivers vivid lyrics with fiery intent.
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