Yours Truly, T.Y.’s latest output is a 9 track project titled The Beautiful Exchange. the project is scored in its entirety by producer Chef Byer, who does nothing but concoct dynamic, heartfelt, head nodding backdrops for Yours Truly to vibe to. Vocally Yours Truly, T.Y. reminds of Jermaine Cole and that’s about it, Yours Truly, T.Y. clearly defines his persona from start to finish on this project. From the get go he bares his all with personal narratives and related subject matter that mid twenty adults can latch on to. Even with the exposure he knows he’s getting he still remains modest (“…gotta be humble when your head is growing big…”) and quite hopeful of what he would become (“…my rhyme book is illegible but you understand…”) in the coming years.

This is my first introduction to Yours Truly, T.Y.’s music and I dare say it was quite an enthralling experience listening to the young man.

Hit the play button and get with the program.


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