We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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NT Beats x M Lane Beats – “ARES”


NT Beats and M Lane Beats team up for this hard-hitting cinematic drill beat titled “ARES.” The track is ripe with booming basslines, dark cinematic textures, and punchy drums.



MPSV x KJ FOCUS – “New Kitchen”


Production duo MPSV and KJ FOCUS team up for “New Kitchen” a laidback horn-driven beat that blends jazz, soul, and hip-hop in a most unique manner.
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Yours-Truly – “Standby”

Amsterdam based producer Yours-Truly showcases his lofi style on “Standby.” A laidback smooth piece that blends dreamy textures and soft guitars over groovy drums.
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Nefarious Aquarius – “Aquamarine”


Nefarious Aquarius returns to our list with the relaxing instrumental titled “Aquamarine.” The textures are calming and somewhat dreamy while the drums are snappy too.


WeirderTings – “First Take”

WeirderTings‘s “First Take” is a dusty bass-driven beat ripe with thick synths over smooth drums and silk guitars to match.



inHarmony Beats – “Coffee Break”

inHarmony Beats blends live instrumentation in perfect harmony (no pun intended) on this smooth relaxing piece he calls “Coffee Break.” The lush guitars, warm basslines, groovy drums to match are expertly crafted and create an atmosphere to bask in.

Scottie Royal – “Tour de Soul”


Scottie Royal’s “Tour de Soul” is a laidback relaxing piece ripe with lush guitars, soft keys, head snapping drums, and nostalgia-inducing horns to match. Brilliant from start to finish.
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Royce Burgess – “Ode to HipHop”

Royce Burgess‘s “Ode to HipHop” is a sure-fire hit as he blends the old with the new. Crispy and punchy drums play center roles with boomy basslines and groovy percussions to match. I also dig the switch up at the end. Solid work from start to finish. Get it on Apple Music//Deezer//Soundcloud


Philip Phunk – “Body Feel”

Philip Phunk‘s “Body Feel” is a mellow lofi beat that exudes quite a range of emotions. It’s very warm and alluring as well. The producers adds that the concept is about feeling confident in your body no matter what other people think.



M!CAH – “Emotions”

LA-based producer M!CAH shares his off-kilter style on his new release titled “Emotions.” The track is quite airy and ethereal, from the layered synths, sublime vocal-like chants, and crispy drums, M!CAH sure delivers the goods.
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FrickMadeIt – “Change”

South jersey producer FrickMadeIt is not green to our list and on his new release titled “Change”, he delivers once more something smooth and reflective for us to vibe to.
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B-Dub The Gawd – “Scared To Love”


Producer B-Dub The Gawd dives into a whole new realm with his beat “Scared To Love.” The track is cinematic and synth-laden, the build-up is quite suspenseful too.

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WeirderTings – “Rexworks”

Swedish producer WeirderTings comes through with “Rexworks.” A moody beat ripe with rumbling percussions, dusty textures, DJ scratches and more.



Ruck P, Funky Notes – “Foreign Courts”


“Foreign Courts” is a mellow reflective beat by swiss producers Ruck P, Funky Notes. It’s a mix of lo fi and retroelements. Well crafted and lush.
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KyoBeats x Dr.Pi – “Walk With Me”

Straight out of Portugal comes KyoBeats and Dr.Pi who share with us their single “Walk With Me.” The track is a heartfelt relaxing piece ripe with mellow tones and overall nostalgic energy.
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Piano cake – “Préludes op.2 N°2 in A major”


Piano cake is a French musical project that makes use of classical piano arrangements expressed using lo fi methods. The track Préludes op.2 N°2 in A major” is one of the first singles for us to dive into and it’s a short piece rife with smooth drum breaks and somber grand keys

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