Emerging central Cali-based artist who goes by the moniker Yapex comes through with 2 singles “TENNESSEE”/”IDLE THEY MARCH” that dives into life struggles and then some.

“TENNESSEE” has a lush guitar riff that exudes a nostalgic and reflective mood that fits Yapex’s smooth flow and insightful lyrics. The track is an ode to the concept of home and what individuals do in order to secure that blissful feeling of being at home despite all the craziness in the world.

On “IDLE THEY MARCH”, Yapex goes for a very melancholic and introspective feel with a lethargic and somewhat cinematic texture and deep lyrics. He dives into the basic instinct we humans have when it comes down to survival. He makes use of a handful of vocal effects to accentuate his emotions and feelings on this one.

Hit the play button on this one.

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