Xiuhtezcatl is back in the field with the official video for the anthemic single “TAKE IT ALL BACK”  which was released a while back. The track is as cinematic and unapologetic as they come and we see Xiuhtezcatl take charge and takes back what peoples to his people. He shows listeners the impact of colonization and the triple domino effects on native people as a whole. He sure holds nothing back and he delivers warning shots with fiery intent.

The visual is shot in black and white and makes use of several cut scenes, performance shots and clips from protests to drive home the point of the message.

The release is a call to action created by Indigenous artists, organizers and allies to elevate the LANDBACK Campaign beyond Indigenous organizing spaces into the mainstream. Following a historic summer of organizing and protests filling the streets calling to defund the police and defend Black life, the generations-old movement to return land to Indigenous peoples is rising to call for the dismantling of white supremacy  and work towards our collective liberation.

Xiuhtezcatl originally wrote and recorded the track in 2019, but following the US Capitol Insurrection on Jan 6th, 2021 he and his team saw the power of this song to stand in defiance of the legacy of white supremacy that has defined this country since the colonization of this continent began. “My producer and I were on Zoom talking about the insurrection and the violence at the capitol when we started going over the album. The first song we listened through was TIAB, and about halfway through the song the lyrics really just hit and my jaw dropped. We just looked at each other and knew. This track is way bigger than us, and we needed to not only drop it quickly, but super intentionally.”

Stream and download “Take It Back” here


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