NY-based South Carolina-raised artist Manny Houston caught our ears with this reflective single titled “Paid.” The record is a seamless blend of jazz, soul, and hip-hop with experimental sensibilities. Houston is in his element on this tune and delivers a blend of melodic raps laced with insightful and relatable lyrics.

The song is inspired by his own life experiences as a struggling artist who tries to come up with money-making ideas before the next rent due date.


An all-around creative from South Carolina, Manny is a well-studied musician and artist, very akin to Donald Glover and Kanye West in his creation. Because even though his main medium is Hip-Hop, Manny has his hands in all artistic and musical fields.

He has a degree in classical piano and has worked professionally as a musician since the age of seventeen. He was last seen in the Off-Broadway show “Forbidden Broadway Next Generation”, but now he is diving fully into the world of Hip-Hop to bring together all his talents. With no album out, he’s managed to garner shoutouts from artists and execs, such as: Westside Boogie, Jacob Collier the CEO of Platoon, Denzyl Fiegelson, and even managed to snag a deal with Snapchat for one of his first singles “Coupe”.

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