Wrecking Crew’s Zilla Rocca and Curly Castro present Monty Hall Expo, the brand-new single taken from their upcoming and much anticipated tribute to the Wu-Tang Clan, entitled Wu-Tang Pulp. The track is actually produced by Zilla Rocca, who is joined by Curly Castro on rhyming duty and both artists shine as bright as usual.

I’ve became a real fan of anything those guys do and it’s always a pleasure to discover what they have been cooking for us. Since I admire Zilla Rocca’s lyrical skills, I’l share his description of the track, which will always be more striking than what I could come up with.

Flipping Ghostface’s classic “Mighty Healthy” into a speaker bleeder was easy like bank heists in the ’60s. Curly Castro’s verse is walking through the Wu universe step by step as a youth in Brooklyn. Five Deadly Venoms on VHS. Jackie or Jet Li. Neighborhood joes in Starter caps. Alleyway kids pushing lah to the Darkman. For my part, I just pulled the pin and let it blow. Stylish and powerful non sequiturs on vodka nights, twin sisters, and bottle rockets. Wish you could see us…

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