Peace everyone…

If you have been reading Word Is Bond for the past year, you know that we have been working tiredlesly 24/7 literally…for the past 12 months. And so like everyone else…we’ve decided, that instead of ramping up post this Xmas and New Year…we should instead (for the first time) take a rest until 2013, so everyone can come back in the new year with Fresh vibes and ready to rock this blogging world daily, as we do.

We’ll come back at the end of the week with one post though, the release of Champloo’d by K-Murdock, a FREE release, we wanted to release it today but due to technical issues, we had to post pone it a few days.

Until then, from the whole of the WIB team, we wish you all, the Best Christmas & New Year, and we hope you spend it in peace with family and friends…as we here will do.

Peace and Blessings to you and yours.

The Word Is Bond Team


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