LeVi – West [Neptune]

LeVi – Blue Planet Love

LeVi – Star Of The Story

WIB PRESENTING A GLOBAL SLAP TO THE MASSES!! Atlanta’s Mc…”LeVi the Jedi aka LeVi Watson”… WIB have been following the homie for a minute now as he poses as one of the best kept secrets in the underground hip hop game right now.. His Atlanta native tongue spit, creates tsunami’s of audible scripture through his signature of his young crafted sound of music… Futuristic, Different, Cool, Intellectual, Down-To-Earth type of feel for this album “Neptune”.. Been waiting to hear how the finished product came about and this is just too smooth of an album to pass up.. LeVi works the mic way past his years of being an MC on 10 heaters… Ever since hearing his previous tracks collaborated with Sinitus Tempo, it was clearly known that LeVi the Jedi was going to make it known to the masses that his talents will not go un recognized..Congratulations to LeVi Watson also for he is now a affiliate for the Sacramento Cali Crew TUS aka The Usual Suspects… Very dope right there folks so make sure you take the time out and listen to past material LeVi has put out.. Link provided below for more information on that.. Ghea so here’s a new addition of Presentations from The Word Is Bond Family To You and Yours…Ghea so slap this properly and support!! Here what’s noted by LeVi! The Jedi: shoutout to DPF the team, TUS and everyone that has supported me thus far on this journey! also big ups to Christian Mordi at 88.7fm for keeping my music in rotation at the radio. and thank you to WIB



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