Word Is Bond proudly presents DJ Inform ‘s Fair Use Project 2.

On Fair Use Project 2 DJ Inform took 150 different original hip hop records, reworked the samples from other Hip-Hop classics, mixed in some classic drum breaks, scratched and added some bad ass accapellas. The end result is nothing short of amazing, and a MUST for any respectable Hip-Hop head.

All original records used, no b.s. 100% talent and old fashion crate digging and mixing.

Being a WIB backed project, we are behind it 100% and highly recommend it to any vinyl lover, crate digger and hip-hop aficionado.

DJ Inform is the man responsible for our kick ass Rap Radio Hour intro and also of our 3rd Anniversary Intro

If you want hear more, you can check the first iteration of these Fair Use Project series


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