Mista Spot hooks up with Camp Lo’s Sonny Cheeba for the Ridiculous (pun intended) energetic cut. This cut blends the old and the new in terms of sound and the layered approach doesn’t hurt either. Lyrically it is exactly what I expect from half of the diamond crooks but Mista Spot held his own as well. A “spazzed” out session should be the appropriate terminology for this type of track.

Check ‘Ridiculous’ after the jump. 

In preparation for his upcoming release of “Raiders of the Lost Art,” Mista Spot will be releasing new music on Mondays; dubbing it #MistaMondays. The first release for this series is his single “Ridiculous” featuring Sonny Cheeba from Camp Lo. Mista Spot co-produced the beat with, Charles Herron. They sampled Bob James’ “Take Me To Mardi Gras,” one of the greatest break beats of all time. As well as, Digital Underground’s “Humpty Dance.”

Since taking that next step into his career, McNeil became Mista Spot. “The name Spot came from the hood. Just what the homies called me. It’s an acronym for Show & Prove On Techniques. It’s also a metaphor for: if you don’t catch something that’s already standing out.. well, you’ve missed a spot.” 

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