Afrado, a lyrically multi-talented indie artist releases his latest single “Screw Up.”

A cut-throat intro sets the theme of the record while a smooth backdrop offers a sense of empathy. An arrangement of bass, guitar strumming, drums, and gentle keys sway throughout the record and distinctively highlights Afrado’s relatable, harsh truths.

“Screw Up” is relative in one way or another. Afrado shares how he moved in his past. Instead of a win-win, it was always a lose-lose. He mentions school suspensions and alternative school settings, bad habits and choices, and even having loose screws.

Afrado’s rawness seeps through every syllable in every metaphor and transparent wordplay. The gripping hook is sure to resonate long after the record ends. Stream “Screw Up” and connect with Afrado below.


Connect with Afrado


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