The last time we heard from BK rapper/songwriter Westbay was in 2014 when he released his debut album Spread Love. He then released some visuals to support the project before going on a decade-long hiatus. Now, he returns with the sequel titled Spread More Love, which continues from where he left off. The 10-track project sees him back with his style of insightful and social commentary-filled music with edgy soundscapes to match.


The project opens on a climatic note with cinematic strings and pulsating pads of the track “Spectacle”. The track serves as a re-introduction to Westbay. He proceeds to unveil his life’s journey throughout the time away and some of the life lessons he learned from then till now. Lines like “Time flies, lord knows, tell me where does it go/One minute you high, next second you low/I was ready to go, Thought that I needed to grow/Instead I’m leaving this place/instead of hitting the road” explores the ups and downs of life and the proverbial fork in the road situation. Next is the rock-infused “Runaway” featuring vocalist Saint James and together they deliver an uplifting and celebratory track that is anchored on being positive and focusing on the important things in one’s life. The fun continues with the anthemic “Bring the Love Back” with its cinematic vocal sample chops, air raid sirens and thumping drum grooves underpinned by Westbay’s knowledge-filled raps that implore listeners to chase their dreams with every fibre of their being. The mood changes with the moody “Only You”, an introspective piece that explores self-doubt, loss and the intrusive thoughts that try to derail him from his destiny. In “Think I Love Her “, Westbay explores the blurred lines between love and lust and the conflicting emotions that come with it. He details the rising sexual tension with that one lady who stirs up the fire within and shows listeners how deep situationships can get when the attachment is loose.


On the tracks “Gangsta” and “Blowing Up ” we get to see different sides of Westbay and what makes him tick. The former is a downtempo and moody trap-infused track that talks about perpetrators who try too hard to prove their manhood while the latter digs into the trappings of fame and fortune. “ Return of the Man “ is a triumphant track that is anchored on Westbay’s return to his one true love, music. Over Joe Josh Beats’s cinematic soundscape comprised of brooding textures, moody orchestral strings and a crunchy drum groove, Westbay claims his OG back taxes and reminds us of the work he put in to get where he is now.


The project comes to a close with the uplifting “Clouds” and “Young King ”.  “Clouds” has some auto-biographical elements and sees Westbay unveiling his childhood and present conditions. From loss in the family to keeping in touch with his family as a way of keeping his centre, Westbay reminds us of the true meaning of life and the power of human resilience in these crazy times. The final track “Young King” continues the aspirational theme. Over the ominous backdrop provided by Joe Josh Beats, Westbay embodies the spirit of the young king who is ready to go the extra mile to accomplish his dreams no matter how difficult it is.


Ultimately Spread More Love achieves what it sets out to do with its core message of perseverance, deep insightful story-telling over dope-sounding beats. As a rapper, he can hold his own and does so over 10 tracks except the hook provided by Saint James. While his approach is socially conscious, he doesn’t beat listeners over the head with preachy lines but rather he shows empathy toward everyone who might be going through similar situations and shows vulnerability when it is needed.

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