Fresh visuals from Westbay’s previously released ‘Spread Love‘ LP delves into the life of 3 individuals, shown from three different perspectives all pointing to the same goal. By recruiting Frank B and Fitted, the trio bare all their scars on wax with experiences ranging from growing older, police brutality, economic slump and then some. ‘They Told Me’ is that type of joint that hits the mark and makes the listener, stop,look and listen for once.

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More than 20 years have gone by and Jimmy V’s famous quote is just as relevant as ever: “Don’t give up…don’t ever give up.” Life will throw all kinds of obstacles to steer you off the path of greatness, but you need to persevere by any means necessary. Whether it’s surrounding a history of crime, drug abuse, or rising to the peak of your dreams but never reaching that superstar status, “They Told Me” offers three interesting perspectives: Westbay, the rapper hard at work who is currently on the come up; Frank B, an emcee with infinite potential who never popped off and still at it; and Fitted, the streetwise BK spitter who has turned his life around and uses Hip-Hop as a platform to tell his story. The visuals keep things straight to the point as we get to see the trio of artists do their thing on the Bklyn streets that raised them. “They Told Me” is featured on Westbay’s Spread Love LP, which is now available via Dope Rush Records.







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