Emerging rapper/producer WSK Breezy is a 14-year-old producer who has been making beats for 2 years and has since worked with various artists in the Boston area and beyond. After dropping 3 singles, he now returns to the forefront with his debut album Rookie of the Year. The 8-track body of work is a culmination of years of hard work and he brings all his knowledge to the podium with a plethora of artists.

The project opens with “Focus” featuring MATELLUS and KG Floss. The track has a dreamy and atmospheric soundscape with sparse downtempo drums and airy melodic runs. The artists here deliver a mix of laidback singing with rapping and give audiences an emotion-laden piece that tackles the broken trust between 2 lovers. The track is particularly engaging weirdly and I did enjoy the drum switch-up at the end. The next record “Bad Thing” pairs Multiszn and L’Sonne and together we get this atmospheric future R&B-styled track ripe with soothing melodies. The track is catchy and has a well-crafted soundscape while the melodies are alluring as well. “Struck” starts with a summer-tinged guitar riff before building up with its bass-heavy trap groove. Here singers L’Sonne and Tyler Loyal come into play with their nonchalant melodic styles and engaging storytelling. They both deliver an emotive performance with easy-to-follow songwriting that dwells on trust issues and their coping mechanism.


The duo of Bdotnice and Sha Stackzz show up on the Latin guitar-anchored drill track “30 Rounds”. This is the first rap track and it hits the mark with its intensity and edgy no-hold-barred lyricism that is totally street.  As the title suggests, the track is more than a warning to the naysayers and detractors. Things simmer down a tad bit with “Come Around”, a mellow piano-driven trap-soul track which features Tyler Loyal once again. Tyle sounds comfortable on WSK’s beats and again, delivers his distinct melodic runs and drawl. Next is “Shoulders” with KG Floss taking the helm as a solo artist. The track is a fusion of afrobeats with a modern R&B vibe. KG Floss’s cadence is expressive and his tone is reminiscent of Drake in some ways but the track is still enjoyable. “On The Block” is a return to the streets with rapper Rico CashinFirst as our correspondent. Over the ominous drill soundscape, he details some of his activities as he tries to hold down the fort against the opposition. The track’s urgency is unparalleled and audiences would be sucked into the action with Rico’s energetic performance and graphic lyricism.


The project closes with “Cypher”  featuring Sha Stackzz, Ron Savv, Bdotnice and Jdot Bklu. The aptly titled track serves as a platform to showcase the rising rapper’s styles over a thumping bass-driven drill backdrop. As expected each one came through with their respective styles ripe with street-savvy elements and unfiltered rhyme schemes. Ultimately Rookie of the Year serves as a proper introduction to WSK Breezy as a producer/artist and his unique sound. As a producer, he can weave different genres but here his main strength lies in trap-soul and drill. The other positive aspect is his collaborating with other emerging acts and giving them the chance to shine.







Stream Rookie of the Year on all DSPs here.


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