Emerging rapper/songwriter King Khy enters our site with his brand new project entitled King Me. The 13-track body of work is a collection of songs he made in 2 years and a culmination of his experiences in that time. He is also a self-taught producer/mix engineer who is hands-on with his music.

The project starts with “THA KING”, a dark brooding track that introduces audiences to King Khy. Armed with his distinct drawl and off-beat rhyme cadence, he reminds us of his regal status with lines like“Bitch I’m a wild dog, I came up straight from the pound/I came up as king, ain’t no taking my crown”. The track sees him rapping uniquely for the most part but he also includes a short melodic autotune element into the mix. The follow-up “Let Em Cook Up”  sees him teaming up with Shuey HBK and together both emcees deliver street-savvy bars peppered with graphic imagery. The two have similar vocal tones and the performances feel seamless but short. “Feel Like A Star” begins with a melodic flow that takes precedence throughout and it’s anchored on King Khy’s bravado style and irreverent demeanour where he flexes on the detractors. The fun continues with “Now The Place Smells Exotic” with its brooding textures and upbeat trap drum groove underpinned by off-beat slightly autotuned raps.

“Titus” is another short track with King Khy rapping with much gusto throughout as he details his success and work ethic to be the best a what he does. This leads into “Champion”, a dark cinematic track that explores the rapper’s mindset and how his not-so-glorious childhood and the experiences that shaped his outlook. Lines like “I got money flipping like a switchblade because I was raised without having none/That is why people really hate because they were raised without having love” set the tone as audiences get to hear his side of the story and see his true intentions. “Had To Do It” is a hard-hitting bravado-driven track that showcases King Khy’s off-kilter lyricism and expressive cadence. His voice is commanding and the use of engaging references and relatable lyrical motifs is an added touch. Next up are “It’s King Khy” and “Tunnel Vision”, the former is pinned by fast-paced and offbeat raps while the latter goes back to the autotune-drenched raps filled with street smarts and vividness.

The project closes out with “What’s Competition” and “Hit The Buzzer”, two tracks that help bring the project full circle. “What’s Competition”  is an open letter for anyone who wishes to step up to bat as King Khy makes it known that he is one of a kind and has no peers while “Hit The Buzzer” captures the urgency in chasing one’s goals and going the entire way. Here, his flow is choppy and somewhat disjointed at times but the message is there somewhere. Other notable tracks are “Geek” which displays King Khy’s lavish life and aspirations while “Rally” has similar elements albeit with a distinctly dark and brooding twist.

Overall King Me, might take a lot to get used to. As we mentioned earlier, it was recorded in 2 years and his style varies now and then. Some tracks are more potent than others and his lyrical ability changes drastically as well. In the end, it still has potential so dive in.





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