“God Damn that DJ made my day”… 

Jam Master Jay was a creative force. I met Jay at a NYC nightclub called Kilimanjaros one night and he asked me for a business card. The next day he called the office and put in a test order for RUN-DMC custom outfits and the rest was history.  I became RUN-DMC’s stylist and we started transforming the group with new looks. Notice I said “WE”. Jay was instrumental in this fashion makeover process for RUN-DMC, much like he was in music, being the creative engineer of the group. He always had a vision or idea for what he wanted about everything, including fashion. Also, it was Jay that first suggested that I start my brand. He was watching my custom designs bubble on the NYC streets, and he really believed in the movement we were building. Jay even came to our first showing at the NYC Flatotel, and his presence really helped the buyers write my first orders, that’s how much of a committed dude he was. Jay and I became good friends over the years and he was one of those honest people who would tell you the truth, whether you wanted to hear it or not. His honesty was admirable because I think a lot of times it’s hard to be honest with ourselves. He was a rarity…a mega-supastar who always treated EVERYONE the same. “Consistency” was a good word for Jam Master Jay. He was the same person whether he was in Hollace, Queens or in Beverly Hills. He was an authentic soul; always trying to help someone else,and  get someone else’s talents out there, while simultaneously trying to manage his own world. He definitely instilled contagious behavior. Conceive. Believe. Receive. R.I.P JMJ. Gone but never forgotten.

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