Animal Bikes and Chess Move Cartel present:
The “Live from the Streets” Christmas Special.
“We never really planned on making this episode but there was so much dope Christmas music out on the streets that we just had to do it. What happened was we went to NYC to get some final shots for the Jedi Mind Tricks “Design in Malice” video (which is on youtube NOW) and while we where there we can across a couple street musicians that were just too good to pass up. The first was George, a street performer/New York native who knows how to whistle like it’s the flute. He was a nice dude and was happy to tell us his story then play a few songs. After that we bumped into Saw Lady who had the coolest sounding instrument of anything we’ve come across so far in ‘Live from the Streets’. She was also the only famous street musician we’ve seen. She’s made several national TV appearances and has done music for feature films. You can read more about her on her website or just head over to the Union Square subway station where she plays almost everyday. She had been playing all day long but was still cool enough to play us her version of Silent Night and to do a quick interview.
Shout out to Saw Lady, I want to do more work with her in the future.


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