Much love to the homie Jed for sending this through, Jed is the co-director of this awesome video by Jonny October, produced by J.J Brown —->(top 10 album of the year 2009)

The video is a bit different from the norm, but no doubt original, it’s a bit heavy, so if you are squeamish and don’t like to see blood or brains, avoid watching!

Jonny October – “S.R.I.” Featuring:

Dasha Kittredge, Robert Barton, & J.J. Brown

Directors: Ethan Blum & Jed I. Rosenberg
Producer: Sydney A. Snyder
Director of Photography: Nadine Martinez
Set Designer: Jen Steadman
Special Effects Make-Up: Anthony Pepe
Visual Effects: Kendra Elliott
Colorist: Tristan Kneschke
Special Thanks to: Jack Kellerman, Sam Thompson, Isabel de Souza Santos, Louis Dorley

DOWNLOAD Jonny October “Ancient History” album Sampler HERE or visit his blog for a physical copy.

Jonny October: MySpace Blog


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