The “Freepoint Crew”…outta Finland…representing that golder era sound from the 90’s…Helsinki-based Freepoint Crew (FPC) is an underground hip-hip group originating from
the small town of Porvoo on the southern coast of Finland. The trio consists of rapper
MAZ and producer duo JMA & MATHIAS, who have maintained their sample heavy
and straightforward hip-hop style throughout their career. Clearly influenced by the hip-
hop sound of the 90’s east coast, FPC blends soulful beats with lyrics reflecting a Finnish
mindset.The brand new album entitled
“Three Amigos” released in December 2010 through Chess Piece Recordings displays the latest
FPC sound. The album is available on the Internet for free and as a limited CD version. “Three
Amigos” features the track “FIN” for which a music video inspired by Pharcyde was shot.

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