Chin-checkin’ political rap is a hot commodity in today’s climate of distrust & misinformation. Toronto based collective Freedom Writers find that perfect balance between raw hip-hop and eye opening lyrical content, touching on the most paramount of political matters & social injustices. Peep the facts.

“Arizona Bay” featuring Franz Thomas is the latest diverse, powerful and out of the box assault from the FREEDOM WRITERS collective. It touches on the historical myths of Freedom and Democracy and how they are perpetuated in today’s climate. Thought provoking, nonpartisan and often shocking, The Freedom Writers deliver an intricate, and bold rhyme pattern that is backed by an eerie soundtrack creating the perfect blend courtesy of “FW” colleague, producer and engineer Big Sproxx.

Whether it’s war, 9-11, Haiti, Hurricane Katrina, The G20, Police Brutality, Government deception, slavery, poverty, the Prison and Judicial systems, the media or the fluctuating price of oil, there is no topic “too touchy” for the Freedom Writers to expose in “Arizona Bay”

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