I bring you all some Portuguese Hip Hop this time to shake things up a little bit..

I (J – Editor) was born in Portugal but originally from Cape Verde…back when I was living there (10/15 years ago) Hiphop was little to non-existent…2 acts were known by the majority. A group by the name of “Mind The Gap” and Boss AC (pictured above), the only thing that brought them some  limelight was one hit wonders tailor made for the mainstream that helped sell a few copies of the respective debut albums…but they would never sell as much as the mainstream artist, only hardcore Hip Hop fans would buy to support, enough to maintain the artist relevant to the underground scene. But one thing it’s certain now as it was back then they had talent & were hungry to show it.

Back then there was a big problem for black music as the majority of the Portuguese society was listening to “Pimba” music…and as you can tell by the cheesy name “Pimba” music was very wack, out of rhythm and  destined to fail. (Personal opinion….but thank God it did.)

Fast forward to nowadays…and the scene is totally different, the majority of people are listening to any kind of black music, and hiphop is on the rise, just like everywhere else in the world.

It seems like Boss AC never gave up though…

Boss AC is also originally from Cape Verde…he has been one of the main reasons why Hip Hop can now live in the mainstream in Portugal…his debut album Manda Chuva (1998), partly produced by super producer Troy Highwater (who also produced tracks for LL Cool J, Outkast, Busta Rhymes, De La Soul etc) propagated him to peoples memories…and Boss AC managed since then to keep himself relevant by releasing records every other year.

I have to admit, I haven’t checked on Portuguese HipHop for years, but it seems that I’ve been missing out as things nowadays are real dope, the beats the lyrics, the message, full package really, well put together too….sorry I know the majority of you guys don’t understand the lyrics, but trust me on this one, they are deep and Ill.

BOSS AC – Que Deus? (2007) Video


And the beat on the track below “Estou Vivo” just so deam tight…need to find out who produced it.

Boss Ac – “Estou Vivo” (2009) Video




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