Vice Soulelectric’s WIB debut was the socio-politically charged Troublesome which had the man blaring his thoughts regarding the justice system and the recent or rather ongoing cases of unwarranted police brutality. On his latest visual, he goes a step further by introducing the element of self hatred into the narrative by detailing the effects of an unjust/broken system on POC and internal class struggle to say the least.

Pretty thought provoking stuff. I say we need more of this every now and then to re-focus our priorities when it comes to race issues.

Hit the play button and get the full gist.

Why is it easier to tear someone down than it is to build them up? In truth, our differences should be celebrated; there’s no reason to segregate ourselves because of how we look, what we believe, or how we view the world. Unfortunately, this message isn’t passed onto the youth as often as it should, which in turn makes the world a more hateful place. And while society may chastise African Americans for not fitting to a set series of characteristics, Vice Soulectric will stand up and refute those claims. “Hate Myself,” which is beautifully shot in a snowy cemetery, adds to the cold aesthetic from the Ohio based producer/emcee as he raps about everything wrong in the system. The song’s sentiments are further defined by the bookend sample speech from the late Malcolm X, which proves that this toxic mind state is nothing new. Vice Soulectric’s upcoming project Vice for President is set for an April 7th release date through United Grind, so be sure to check out the visuals and mark your calendars!

*Directed by Brian Williams

Vice for President (Press Release):


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