Vice Soulectric latest single “Return Of The Black Man” helps kick off Black History Month for 2016 as the thought provoking joint sees him, G Huff, Will Blaze and Talib Kweli drive the question on what it entails being a black man in America.

Hit the play button and get with the program. Watch out for Vice Soulectric’s debut Vice For President 2: There’s No Tomorrow Til You Wake Up which is due on  Feb. 26 and is now available for pre-order via iTunes, through Vice’s own United Grind imprint.


Rapper-producer Vice Souletric returns today with “Return Of The Black Man,” a call-to-arms banger from the proud Ohioan and his guests., Talib Kweli, crooner Will Blaze, and frequent collaborator, G. Huff.

The powerful single is also his first offering from the soon-coming Vice for President 2, a full-length project set to drop on February 26. And if “Return Of The Black Man” is any indication, it’ll be the multi-talented artist’s finest effort to date.

Backed by his own heavy instrumental, Vice and his guests go in on what it’s like to be a Black man in America. That includes Huff questioning the double-standard of folks acting “like these white boys don’t wear tattoos and sag” along with Kweli noting the “system’s assassination of the Black male image.” But it’s Vice’s opening verse that hits the hardest, especially when he spits “I know you sick of hearin’ about it, but man look/ We sick and tired of being mistreated and ambushed.”

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