The rapper-producer duo of Verbz & Mr. Slipz is steady raising their profile with back to back quality releases. Their new single titled “My Wonders” once again showcases the duo’s chemistry as they blend refreshing beats and insightful lyrics in an effortless manner. The track sees them teaming up with emcee Fliptrix who comes through with a solid verse.

The track has a dreamy solemn texture peppered with snappy drums and moody basslines which serves as the perfect backdrop for the emcees to do what they do best. Verbz is in his element and delivers insightful lines like “And hope we get to see a new day dawn, as we watch the sunset and let our truths take form.” Fliptrix is not far behind as well and shares his thoughts about social media facades as follows “They don’t know what’s happening next, yet they stand and put it on the gram to flex their rep/It’s about a lot of senses let me catch my breath.” The video is mostly made up of performance shots of all parties in different locations as they do what they do best.

The track is taken from the forthcoming project Radio Waves which will be released via High Focus Records on Friday 13th November.

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