VËR, short for the Hebrew word Vered (Rose), is an Israeli-Canadian singer, songwriter and producer. Her musical identity is drawn from her middle-eastern roots, mixed with contemporary influences (think H.E.R.) garnished with the soulful inspiration (think Lauryn Hill).
VËR’s intimate, moody and smooth vocals draw the listener in close, transporting them into her zen world of lite-rnb x chill-pop. Creating out of her DIY home studio, VËR often collaborates with other producers & artists which is the result of such a song as this one titled ‘Best For You’ In collaboration with Dante. As she puts it succinctly:

“My single is called ‘Best For You’. It’s about a simple, selfless kind of love. One that stems from a deep, honest friendship and ends up unconditional and compassionate. This song is a ballad/duet about wanting nothing but the best for the one you love.”

Get the song on iTunes as well and get sucked into the laid back world of VËR.

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