“Experience a vivid music-filled dream saturated in a mix of pastel and earth tone rhythms. Pass through layers of raw freshness… like lyrical waterfalls thundering numbing calmness. Emerge changed, as if restored to a desired state of equanimity.

Moon Blazers first release in 2008 entitled Above the Clouds is strung together like a seamless script through hip-hops golden age. The Moon Blazers effortlessly recreate the beauty and synergy of jazz rap while staying connected with the listener through eclectic introspective verses about everyday life.

Cohesively covering all bases these unordinary emcees illustrate lustrous scenery over luscious soundscapes provided by top-notch producers Dianetics, Moka Only, Katrah-Quey (4Shades), No Alias (Project Blowed), Dante Santiago and DJ Crumbum. Evidently following footsteps of Native Tongues, Digable Planets and fellow west coasters the Pharcyde, Moon Blazers are here to put their stamp on the return to the renaissance.”

01.Feels Like (produced by Dianetics)
02.RFS (produced by Dianetics)
03.Joe Loop (produced by Katrah-Quey)
04.Isn’t It Strange (produced by No Alias)
05.Above the Clouds (produced by No Alias)
06.Spike Lee Pov (produced by Dante Santiago)
07.So Tired (produced by Moka Only)
08.Pineapple (produced by Dianetics)
09.Dusty Trails (produced by Katrah-Quey)
10.Ice Queen (produced by DJ Crumbum)
11.TV For Kids (produced by Katrah-Quey)
12.Here We Go (produced by Katrah-Quey)
13.Zoom (Ryan Loop) (produced by Dianetics)
14.Above the Clouds Remix (produced by Dianetics)



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