The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Dave Velk – “5-Star”


“5-Star” is a hard-hitting and haunting track provided to us by emerging rapper Dave Velk. Bolstered by the thick bassline, 808 drums and brooding texture, Dave goes forth with an energetic performance underpinned by vivid lyricism.




Cord Brown – “Quit Playing With My Heart”


Singer/songwriter Cord Brown makes his entry on our list with “Quit Playing With My Heart”, a smooth blend of R&B with blues. The vocal performance is captivating and extremely gripping and the lyrics are heartfelt and relatable as well. The musical production is superbly done too.



Simari T – “Far Away”


Emerging singer Simari T shares his new single “Far Away”. The track is a laidback, smooth, sultry track that sees him musing on love and how the distance makes it even stronger. His melodic runs are distinct  and engaging but a bit offbeat but it works.







KID TRAVIS continues with his Halloween music series with “I Live With A Ghost”, a bright and upbeat funk-infused R&B jam that sees him reflecting on a lover who is clingy. Over a smooth guitar riff, pulsating bassline and lush textures, the singer delivers a heartfelt and evocative performance that keeps listeners locked in.







LOFIGO teams up with Myka 9 of Freestyle Fellowship fame and 2Mex for “THE PIPELINE”. The track has a nostalgic and lofi vibe and is ripe with a vivid lyricism that everyone can appreciate for its uplifting theme.


Dréa&BAM – “Pompeii”

Singer/producer duo Dréa&BAM make their entry on our site with their new single “Pompeii”, a sultry and alluring tune that explores sensuality in love. The production is eclectic and the melodic vocals are alluring and engaging from start to finish.



Breezy BRG – “Authentic”

Emerging rapper/songwriter Breezy BRG shows us that she is “Authentic” in her new release. The production is cinematic and dramatic and her performance is engaging. Armed with a heavy vocal tone and fiery persona, she delivers with a machine gun cadence and pins it with some insight and a whole lot of bravado to match.


Dubside Guapo – “If You Were My Girl”

Dubside Guapo gets into his party bag in his new single “If You Were My Girl”. The production is punchy and the melodic runs by Whiteboy Nate are distinct. The verses are evocative and adulation-filled.


Noa James x Murs – “Keep That Shitty Energy To Yourself”


Noa James teams up with Murs for “Keep That Shitty Energy To Yourself” and the title says it all. The production starts off slow and builds up into a haunting piano-driven bass-heavy record and sees Noa delivering an animated performance ripe with intense vigour. Murs continues with his unique cadence and stylish performance as well.

Ben Dyleuth – “Armour”

Ben Dyleuth is a NY-born singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer who makes his entry on our list with his new single “Armour”. The self-produced single is a smooth potpourri of sounds that blend neo-soul, R&B and jazz in a seamless manner. From the rich guitar plucks, warm textures, groovy drums and keys, Ben engulfs it all with his distinct vocal runs and heartfelt lyrics. Ben Dyleuth is currently based in Seattle, Washington




Tech G – “OutLaw”

Tech G returns to our list with “OutLaw”, a cinematic track that sees him embodying the spirit of an individual who operates outside the law. The production is punchy and Tech G deliver the goods with his distinct vocal tone and vivid story telling skills.



Mr. Oddzo – “17 Ways (On and on and on)”


Mr. Oddzo caught our ears with his new release titled “17 Ways (On and on and on)”. The song has a smooth bounce and warm textures that blend with the rapper’s stylish flow underpinned by his vivid lyricism and braggadocious wordplay that keeps listeners locked from start to finish.



Neb Doe – “Satsfid”

Neb Doe makes an interesting appearance on our list with his new single “Satsfid”. The track is bolstered by a haunting vocal sample and thick bass-heavy drums and the rapper’s laidback west coast-infused flow and unapologetic lyrics.

Hefty Lefty & YungFace – “Envy”

The duo of Hefty Lefty & YungFace deliver an insightful track titled  “Envy” on our list. The lyrics are vivid and dwell on the concept of the alpha male and being true to oneself regardless of the situation.


Ashton Blaze – “Bizzy”

Raleigh, North Carolina-based Rapper/producer/mix engineer Ashton Blaze comes through with the new single “Bizzy”. The Piscataway, New Jersey native makes use of a thick bass-heavy drill backdrop to showcase his lyrical prowess and remind us that he values his time and has no energy for naysayers and detractors.


Dj Vega & LnO – “Bob Ross”

Dj Vega and rapper LnO team up for this smooth and upbeat jam titled “Bob Ross”. The title is inspired by the late painter and LnO compares his lyrical style to the vivid paintings made by Ross. The track has a punchy vibe and it’s pretty engaging as well.


Ayo Da Don – “Rebirth”

Ayo Da Don‘s new single “Rebirth” is the second release from his Super Cruise 2 mixtape. Over a soulful and sombre backdrop, he delivers a detailed tale of epic proportions and the lyrics are quite vivid and engaging from start to finish.



REZ – “Love You Mom”

REZ’s “Love You Mom” is a touching tribute to his mom who helped raise him. Over a sombre and nostalgic soundscape, REZ details his turbulent upbringing and the shaky relationship he had with his mother but then again hindsight is 20/20 as he came to the realization that she was truly there for him.





Kid Travis shares the latest entry in his “SPOOKY SZN ” music series. The song is made up of funky basslines, rich guitar plucks and warm textures layered over punchy 4/4 drums. The singer delivers a sultry melodic performance that surely captures listeners from start to finish.

Danozzz – “Cursed by an angel”


Australian rapper Danozzz enters our weekly list with “Cursed by an angel”, a heartfelt insightful song that sees him detailing his turbulent upbringing. From dealing with mental issues and the lack of a stable father figure, Danozzz reflects on his journey and how he was able to overcome it all.


Eddie Daes – “Bad Decision”


Eddie Daes‘s new single “Bad Decision” is a bouncy LA summer dance bar anthem produced by Andrei Land. Eddie sure delivers the goods with his smooth melodic flow and heartfelt lyrics.



Muenster – “Don’t Abide” ft Evolve and TAME1



Muenster is an Austin native/Denton transplant who caught our ears with his new single “Don’t Abide”. The anthemic tune pays homage to the culture of hip-hop and sees him teaming up with veteran emcees Evolve and TAME1




Gamblez – “Armies of the Dead”

Gamblez leads the “Armies of the Dead” in his new single. Backed by a moody and haunting soundscape made up of creepy organs and punchy drum grooves, the rapper details the last days when all hell breaks loose and more than guns are drawn.

Spencer Wilson – “It’s a Long Way Down”

Rapper/producer Spencer Wilson makes his entry on our list with his new single “It’s a Long Way Down”. The self-produced record is sombre and reflective and sees him detailing his past demons, dealing with addiction and his journey to sobriety.

Josiah Roggio – “Dirty Laundry”

Pennsylvanian rapper and musician Josiah Roggio shares his new single “Dirty Laundry” which sees him reflecting on his journey as an artist and a young man trying to survive from day to day. Over a smooth jazz soul-infused backdrop he gives listeners a gripping performance ripe with heartfelt and candid lyrics.

Homeboy Sandman – “Satellite”


Homeboy Sandman returns with a new single “Satellite” which serves as the precursor to his forthcoming album Still Champion. The single produced by Deca sees him digging deep into his environment and the many characters who help colour the hood in their own little way. He explains, “I love it but I felt I could improve upon it. I felt I could write a song that had way more depth and way more commentary and insight rather than just things I see when I walk around.
Stream the lead single Satellite here:

Mickey Blue – “Don’t Blink” featuring Copywrite (Cuts by Tone Spliff)

Producer Mickey Blue teams up with underground veteran Copywrite, acclaimed Boston wordsmith M-Dot and DJ/Producer Tone Spliff who provides excellent vocal cuts. The song in question “Don’t Blink” is a hard-hitting collaboration between both emcees who deliver vivid lyrical schemes over Mickey’s upbeat and punchy backdrop. “DON’T BLINK” is the second single by producer Mickey Blue from his highly anticipated project A Long Time Coming (Release Date TBA).

Razah Sharp – “Razah’s Rebellion”

“Razah’s Rebellion” is the newest single from Razah Sharp who once again teams up with longtime collaborator Dialek Dubai. Over Dialek’s cinematic and urgent backdrop made up of hazy sound design and gritty guitar riffs, Razah Sharp shares his tale from a headstrong youngster to going through the wringer and becoming wiser. The song will be on the album titled Strong Side.




Jared Evan – “Stranger” (feat. Rapper Big Pooh)

Singer/songwriter Jared Evan teams up with veteran emcee Rapper Big Pooh for his new single “Stranger”. The track produced by Statik Selektah has a gritty drum break and cinematic textures that blend with Jared’s sublime vocal runs and Rapper Big Pooh’s insightful lyrics that dwell on the feeling of an outsider or stranger to the music industry. “Stranger” is the second single off Jared”s upcoming album BB3, the sequel to his Boom Bap & Blues series with Statik Selektah.




Braunsy – “Next to Me”

Singer/songwriter Braunsy shares his third single “Next to Me” on our list. The track is a smooth mix of warm sounds and bouncy drum grooves and exudes that classic early 2000s R&B vibe and dwells on finding true love with that special person.



VÉR – “Enlight Me”

VÉR is a genre-bending solo project from Melbourne (AUS) artist and conscious storyteller, Rhyver Mores. “Enlight Me” is his second single and it’s a reflective tune that talks about finding the divinity within and taking steps to achieve one’s full potential. The production is cinematic and dynamic and

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