Multi-talented Montgomery, Alabama-based artist Ty Rell is a man who wears many hats. From recording, writing and producing his music, he is also a seasoned Tattooist, illustrator videographer/photographer and all-around handyman. His latest release Create Through My Pain, is a collaboration with Swiss producer Kaiwabi whom he met on the internet after the producer came across some of his freestyles. The duo decided to embark on a full-length collaborative project in the form of this 12-track body of work titled Create Through My Pain. The project explores the ups and downs of life from both reflective and introspective lenses.



The project opens up with the title track and sets the tone with its moody and sombre soundscape made up of solemn pads, and haunting vocal samples. Here, Ty Rell details his journey with intensity as he paints vivid lines like

Pursue riches and notoriety for my art/ to help my people and pull ‘em out of a place so dark/The stronger I got, return don’t know where to start/I felt hate from people I love it nearly broke my heart

It’s clear, that Ty Rell is not rhyming for the sake of it and he continues to put his all into wax. Tracks like the cinematic “A Real Representation” and the piano-laden “No Bad Business” take audiences into the rapper’s world and the hurdles he had to face in the concrete jungle while fighting his demons in the same vein.  “In Due Time” flips a classic jazz piano sample and laces it with vocal samples from Nas, Jay-Z which adds that 90s feel to it. Ty Rell hit the ground running with his stylish flow and graphic songwriting that drops audiences right in the middle of the action.

“I let my pain be my catalyst/I lost my mommy and my daddy and I  really ain’t been happy since/But maintain every day is the same thing/Trying to get some paper and put some up for a rainy day”.






Not the one to shy away from, Ty Rell showcases his vulnerable side and shows us exactly what makes him tick. In the same vein, his engaging storytelling comes to the forefront in “What Goes Around Comes Back Around” where he explains the never-ending cycle of beef which runs deeper than what we might think. “Won’t Commit” is a bravado-laden bouncy track that strays from the mellow jazzy/soul soundscapes and is underpinned by an energetic machine gun cadence and we see Ty Rell in full irreverent mode. The downtempo and moody track“A Circle of Fake Love” is next up and dives into the cycle of betrayal, broken love and deceit where Ty Rell stands on business as he confronts a trifling lady who thought she had him in a chokehold. “Don’t Be A Buzz Kill” is as cinematic as it comes with its scenic texture and thumping 808 kicks. Once again, Ty Rell is in his element as he delivers with a melody-tinged flow with a playful demeanour. As the title suggests, he just wants to have a good time and doesn’t need any party poppers around him. The track is quite straightforward and consists of 1 verse and long memorable hooks that start and close it. “Aqueous Healing (Open Waters)” is a surreal and dreamy piece that dives into self-discovery, healing and being focused on what matters. He uses the destructive and healing attributes of water as a motif on this one which helps paint a vivid picture of inner strength and resilience.


The project closes out with “Dark Nights of the Soul” and “Soul Crying Out (A Spoken Word Freestyle)”. The former is dark and ominous and sees Ty Rell back in storytelling mode as he shows us the down times he had to overcome to get to where he is at now. The latter helps close it out with insightful and introspective lyrics that dive into soul-searching, healing and breaking free from all types of trauma but more importantly it’s about growth as a man.


Create Through My Pain is an exploration of some sort and gives audiences the chance to know who Ty Rell truly is. On one hand, he gives us a glimpse into his childhood, daily struggles and hurdles with a dash of vulnerability and on the other hand, he shows us how resilient he is.






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The cover artwork was hand-drawn and designed by Ty Rell, and the music video for “No Bad Business” was also shot and edited by Ty Rell.

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