Austin, Texas-based singer/songwriter Alesia Lani‘s latest release love like lofi EP is an exploration into sensuality, femininity and most importantly expanding her musical horizons. Known for her distinct and polished R&B sounds, Alesia proceeds to break the mould by employing lofi/soul and hip-hop aesthetics with the help of producer FLOST8 who laces her with a handful of tight and surreal backdrops.


The project begins with “pass that”, a mid-tempo dreamy number that eases audiences into Alesia’s surreal world where she implores her lover to “Roll it up light it up smoke it up let go” and proceeds to serenade him with sultry melodies. The track has a playful and blissful pad with sparse drum grooves and an overall nostalgic vibe. Next up is “homebody”, a chilled atmospheric piece made up of thick basslines, and soothing textures underpinned by Alesia’s comforting vocal runs. Here, she details how deep of a homebody she is as she sings

It’s gonna that type of day

I love these rainy days

Let’s get away, yea

With you, baby

The track is a perfect piece for lovers who need a soundtrack for their private session far away from the craziness of the world. The fun continues on the guitar-driven “Water me”, a sensual piece that dives into sensuality and the natural physical touch that accompanies the intertwined energies of two lovers. Alesia’s use of water metaphors on this one is perfect and lines like “Run my well, run me dry/Don’t be scared, take a dive/Come get lost, take that ride/So run my well, run me dry” help paint a vivid picture while keeping it classy at the same time.


The project closes out with two soul-gripping pieces in the form of the 90s R&B-infused “wait 4 you” and the moody “Reel Me In”. Both tracks revolve around intimacy from different perspectives, the first from a yearning viewpoint and the other which stems from the emotions of being neck-deep in love. “wait 4 you” has a melancholic pads and ethereal keys with punchy drums underpinned by Alesia’s commanding vocal runs while “Reel Me In” raises the ante with it’s thick and pulsating bass-driven grooves and rich guitar plucks pronounced by a trailing reverb. Here, she pours her heart on wax as she sings “I can’t, shake it no/I can’t, fake these feelings for you/But if i pull away/Just makes me wanna be more with you oo/With you“, reminding her partner that they are all she needs in her life.


love like lofi is consistently cohesive and sticks to the overarching theme from start to finish. Bolstered by the rich, surreal and somewhat dusty soundscapes, Alesia pours her emotions with much conviction and detail. She keeps it simple with relatable songwriting while the commanding vocal tone carries the tracks and grips audiences’ ears with ease.


love like lofi is out now on Trailing Twelve Records.


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