TWIB Meets returns with a bang as we sit with Ro Spit, one half of the duo called RSXGLD who just dropped their debut collabo project of the same name. Sit back relax and get familiar.


For the benefit of anyone who’s been living in an underground bunker for the past several years…who on earth are you?

I am Sir Roland Spiterature of the Yakistan dynasty…Emcee extraordinaire.

How did you get started in music, and what drives you to continue?

I got thrown into the fire by my cousin OneBeLo when I told him that I wanted to be a DJ. Next thing you know I was deejaying for Subterraneous and Binary Star. I always wanted to be an Emcee though, so I was secretly writing rhymes until I felt that I was good enough to display them publicly. I think the fact that I feel that I’m still getting better lyrically and as a recording artist is what’s keeping me going. Nothing more, nothing less.

Do you remember the first recording/song you ever made?

Nah, I can barely remember what I ate yesterday.

If a movie about your life in music was to be made, what interesting/strange moments and stories would you share to make the movie cool?

It’s too much, you’ll just have to wait until you see the movie. Follow me on Instagram and you can get a daily preview of this Motion Picture.

Are there any other interesting facts about you that hardly anyone else knows?

I love Boxing!!! I started boxing a few years ago & I am currently the local Celebrity Boxing Champ of Michigan. My boxing nickname is “Slumberparty.”

What is the greatest thing about working in the music industry? And what would you change if you had the opportunity?

Dopest thing is working with authentic, talented & driven people. Weakest thing is fake ass people.

Looking back, what has been the most important moments in your life so far?

My children being born.


What has been the biggest highlights?

Touring Europe with Slum Village.

What has been your biggest challenge…and how did you overcome it?

Consistently touring. I haven’t figured it out yet—I’m hoping this RSXGLD thing will be the answer.

Who are your heroes? Why do they rock your world?


Who has been the coolest, most memorable people you’ve met along the way, and how did they make an impact on your life?




When you’re sitting on the porch age 97 what would you like to look back on and smile having achieved?

Raising awesome children and also this RSGLD album.

What has been your most memorable or inspirational gig and why?

I opened up for MMG at the last show at the Pontiac Silverdome. That’s my hometown, I felt like Hov at MSG.

What has been your strangest celebrity encounter?

When I almost fought Usher in NYC. I was in a club in NYC dolo. I say dolo because my two friends that I was with were canoodling with the ladies having a blast and I’m married AF. He came in with a Sasquatch sized security guard and while he was trying to get past me to get to the deejay booth, he shoved me in my back. It was not a nudge, it was not a tap or a pat. Not even a push, it was definitely a shove. The “thug” in me was to instantly go for his throat and choke him out, but the genius in me looked at “The Big Show” and knew I didn’t want those problems. Also, one of my friends I was with was Dwele, and if I did pop off on Usher, and Dwe would have jumped in, it would’ve turned into an R&B star tussle and I probably wouldn’t have even gotten a mention on TMZ. My brain processed all of that in a matter of .74 seconds. So if you can set up a sanctioned boxing match between “Slumberparty” and “Fake Ass Sugar Ray Leonard” wanna be…set it up, team Slumberparty is ready!!!

Who would be your ideal dinner guest, living or dead, and what would you serve them?

Pharrell Williams, I would serve him some of Jenn Corr’s Soul Rolls and some of Uncle Jerry’s BBQ.

What are the greatest songs, albums, books, movies, TV shows, websites you’ve ever come across?

• Luther Vandross – “Creepin’”

• Nas – It Was Written

• The Secret

• Belly

• Martin


Name five songs (yours excluded) that we would expect to find on your iPod or Music Player:

• Luther Vandross – “Creepin’”

• Kendrick Lamar – “M.A.A.D City”

• Royce 5’9” – “Happy Bar Exam 2 (feat. Marv Won)”

• Binary Stary – “Glen Close”

• Any Jay Z song ever made…pick one

What special-hero type skills are you blessed with?


Where can everyone reading this interview keep up with your adventures?




Burn Rubber:

Any final thoughts?

I had Canelo 115 – 113 over GGG

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