Trek Life, of the Oddisee produced Everything Changed Nothing album, is back with a new offering to the masses: the remix album! This offers totally new versions of the previously released material, with production from Has-Lo, Apollo Brown and much more. This is definitely something worth tuning into.

California vet Trek Life is ready and set for his upcoming album with producer Duke Westlake to hit the scene, but before we get into the new album, MMG thought we ought to share “Wouldn’t Change Nothing” with the people.  WCN is the complete 14 track album remixes of the Oddisee produced “Everything Changed Nothing” featuring new versions produced by Apollo Brown, Audible Doctor, Has-Lo, Slimkat78, Oddisee, and Duke Westlake himself.   Get the free download of the entire “Wouldn’t Change Nothing” project and then get ready for more news on the new upcoming Trek Life album due out in April!

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