We’ve got a new track that’s dropped from the highly anticipated Hiero duo First Light, taking us back to the ‘Golden Age’ of hip hop. Another solid banger ‘Hold On‘ was released off there debut album together Fallacy Fantasy, which drops March 26th 2013.

Hold On‘ is a nice change up from ‘Lighters‘ and is a little more laid back and lyrical, yet it still goes hard. The track was produced by Unjust, who throws in some nice soulful samples to set the groove. Head over to there website and pre-order the album. Alternatively you can pre-order The ‘Fantasy Fan’ package which includes the Fallacy Fantasy album, a digital download, First Light T-shirt, album art on canvas, and custom Iphone case. All of this for only forty dollars. Dope.

First Light gets its cue from the braggadocio and conceptual characteristics that were commonly expressed in the early nineties “Golden Era” of hip hop. But, at the same time, their way of displaying an affinity for and a loathing of the apathy and debauchery that permeates today’s pop culture is poetically contradictory. Hence, the title of their debut album Fallacy Fantasy in stores March 26th 2013.

First Light group members Opio and Pep Love will be lighting up live shows on metropolitan spot dates, college promo dates and chittlin circuit jook joints in the middle of nowhere in the lead up to the release of their debut project Fallacy Fantasy. In the interim they’ll still be giving their fans samples of their latest work while performing with the Hieroglyphics collective in a whirlwind of upcoming activity starting in mid January that will include leaks, documentary behind the scenes footage and music videos.


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