The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Count Doom – “Shook”


Born and bred in Phoenix Arizona, Count Doom makes his entry on our list with this lyric dense cut titled “Shook” the track has a hard-hitting boom-bap drum with cinematic textures that fits the rapper’s impassioned flow and graphic lyrics that reference Mortal Kombat, TMNT, Naruto and more.


Shane Kidd – “Ink of a Scholar”

Shane Kidd delivers this moody and bass-laden beat titled “Ink of a Scholar” to our playlist. Shane Kidd gets into his bag and drops a plethora of gems and poignant lines for listeners to tap into.
The production here is crisp and clear as it progresses with lush keys and rumbling drums.


G RIEL – “Different Mode”

G RIEL implores listeners to focus on themselves on this uplifting single titled “Different Mode.” He makes use of lo-fi jazzy textures to get his message across and delivers an honest and impassioned performance ripe with feel-good vibes.
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Neak – “What’s Really Here”


Neak‘s “What’s Really Here” is a poignant and reflective piece that dives into the living conditions of inner-city residents, especially in black communities. Over a somber backdrop, Neak gives the listener quite a thorough breakdown of the dynamics with vivid lyrics. The video is directed by Irv Vaz.
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D’sinatra x Nugz x dre barrs x Kareem Siyad – “Uptown Flow”


D’sinatra, Nugz , dre barrs, and Kareem Siyad team up for this no-holds-barred posse cut titled “Uptown Flow.” The record is an energetic lyric dense display from all emcees as they lay down the verbal hammer over the upbeat backdrop courtesy of Nugz.
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Matt Nye -” Hallways”


Matt Nye goes back in time to high school on this heartfelt and summery track titled ” Hallways” It is quite reflective and hilarious in Nye’s own unique way.



Regina Divot – “Fake Love”


Regina Divot fully embodies her rap persona with this 808 heavy record titled “Fake Love” he delivers a melody-laced performance while detailing the dynamics of fake love and how she has learned to differentiate the real from the fake.




Casey Deville – “Copycat”


Casey Deville is an emerging Eastern Tennessee emcee who comes through with his new single titled “Copycat” which is his 3rd solo release. Over a moody and punchy backdrop, he delivers an impassioned performance ripe with insightful elements and more. He is 1/4 part of the music collective Astropak A.D.
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Kaya Ka$h – “My Homie” (feat. Major XP)


Kaya Ka$h come through with this upbeat jam “My Homie” which sees her working with Major XP. The two share their thoughts on the dynamics of a platonic relationship and it’s something we all can relate to.
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AverageJoe – “Mind Control”


AverageJoe and AyJay team up for this reflective jam titled “Mind Control.” The duo displays their unique styles over a somber, reflective backdrop. Track 6 of the Mini Collab EP ‘The Lazy Days Collab Tapes’ by AverageJoe x AyJay: AverageJoeYo
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Jamar Carr – “Lemon Pepper Freestyle”

Jamar Carr shares his thoughts on the “Lemon Pepper” beat and he sure brings the goods. From vivid and reflective and impassioned flow, he gives the listeners something to ponder on.



Rob Roy feat. Icsoul, Halfcut, shy the beat yoda – “Staircase” produced by Marco Polo

Rob Roy hailing from Calgary, Alberta, Canada by way of Toronto teams up with local heavyweight emcees Halfcut and icsoul for this hard-hitting jam titled “Staircase.” Bolstered by Marco Polo‘s moody strings and crunchy drums, the emcees showcase their lyrical prowess that would surely put a smile on the listeners. Shy the beat Yoda comes through on the cuts to tie things up smoothly.
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T. Chandy – “High Rollin'”


Sri Lankan born, Canadian Rapper/Producer T. Chandy make his entry on our list with this reflective and insightful single titled “High Rollin'” Backed by a punchy energetic beat courtesy of Quebec native Greg Blanchet, T. Chandy reflects on life and delivers some motivational gems that we call can rock with.

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Blue Rivers x Christopher Jose – “morningdrive!”


Brampton ON. raised emcee Blue Rivers teams up with Christopher Jose for this bravado and an insightful laden piece titled “morningdrive!.” The record is bolstered by a laidback soulful texture and showcases the rapper’s unique flows and perspective.


Piwa – “Be Right Back”


USA based, Zimbabwe-born musician Piwa shares her new single “Be Right Back” on our list. The track has a smooth and bright texture that matches her alluring and catchy melodic runs. The record is an uplifting jam that implores listeners to keep their heads up regardless of the dark clouds floating above.
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Experimenatl musician ERIEL INDIGO‘s 3rd single titled “Wasted” is an unapologetic and honest look into the issues women face in the male-dominated music industry. From sexual and emotional abuse to other seedy manipulative tactics employed by people in the industry, INDIGO delivers a wide range of perspective with her unique lens over a brooding backdrop and her off-kilter melodic flow, she
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RYN SCOTT – “Way Far Away”

Michigan-based rapper RYN SCOTT wants to uplift our spirits on his new release titled “Way Far Away.” The track has an anthemic feel and impassioned delivery with motivational lyrics that everyone can rock with.



FEELSOUL – “The Seams”


Emerging emcee FEELSOUL caught our ears with this reflective and poignant record titled “The Seams.” The record is his 3rd release and sees the rapper diving deep into the mind of a man pushing through hard times.
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E.Cole I – “JACK”


E.Cole I‘s “JACK” is a self-deprecating and bravado-laden track that dives into the rapper’s life in a humorous manner. He is backed by a punchy boom-bap backdrop that is ripe with Christmassy type textures.


DanimaL – “Accolades”

DanimaL delivers an impassioned performance on his new release “Accolades.” A somber record that sees him reflective on the dynamics between modern rap and staunch lyricism. Rap music has changed for sure and he knows it but his heart is in the right place as he still holds it down for the love of the culture




Shyland Flowers – “Lost In Space”


Shyland Flowers‘ “Lost In Space” is a dark trippy track that displays the rapper’s evocative lyrics and impassioned flow. Over the gloomy backdrop, he takes us deep into his thoughts and things ain’t as pretty as the summer.
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James Vickery – “Peaches (Justin Bieber Cover)”


James Vickery delivers his own unique take on Justin Bieber’s “Peaches” and it’s absolutely splendid. From the soft ethereal textures and his sublime vocal tones, he owns the track and gives listeners a true taste of his style.





WatchMyTone – “Count It Up”


Emerging NY emcee WatchMyTone closes out this week’s list with a gritty record titled “Count It Up.” Backed by a somber and gloomy backdrop, he delivers a bravado-laced performance and vivid lyrics to complete the mission.
He is currently preparing for his full project and this single is just the tip of the iceberg.
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