We are still dedicated to showcasing the best tracks/videos from the underground by searching far and wide in order to bring you our weekly list. It’s a tough job as we sift through a ton of high-quality tracks just to settle for just 5 so we switched it up so now we curating the Top 10 Submissions. Now that is what we call dedication, so sit back relax and get familiar with these acts.
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Scalatrax -” Candy Life” (feat. Pablo Vögtli, AMOA)

Scalatrax is the musical brainchild of Swiss drummer and producer Florian Haas-Schneider and is an avenue for him to truly showcase his experimental style of production. On his new song titled “Candy Life,” he teams up with Pablo Vögtl and vocalist AMOA who both deliver an interesting performance. Over Haas-Schneider’s jagged production, Pablo displays his lyrical ferociousness in the first half of the song while AMOA takes over the more solemn second half with a sublime melodic performance.
“Candy Life,” is taken from Haas-Schneider’s forthcoming debut EP.



Rae.Dianz & Rugrat Nami – “ACKUP”


They may look small in stature, but Rugrat Nami and Rae.Dianz are coming for necks and looking to revitalize the female rap game with their new single “ACKUP.” Over a laid-back, ominous backdrop, the duo deliver a solid performance with fiery flows and uber confidence oozing from start to finish. Get it on Apple Music, and Deezer.




Broughton – “Sometimes”


Broughton is back with another gem for us to rock to. The track in question is titled “Sometimes” is a reflective record that displays the rapper’s inner thoughts and struggles as he searches for solace behind all the challenges life throws at him. Over a mellow, lush backdrop, he takes time to look through his life and surroundings to help him find what he needs. Get it on Soundcloud, Apple Music and Deezer.





Tahj Ace – “Dawg Timing (Intro)”

“dawg Timing (Intro)” is emerging NY based rapper Tahj Ace‘s introduction to TWIB. He makes use of the lush, cinematic piano-driven beat and delivers a graphic story of an individual on a personal journey or mission if we may use that term. The track is taken from his 7 track EP Metamorphosis. Get it on Soundcloud, Apple Music, and Deezer.



Pritt – “Identity”

Emerging R&B artist Pritt reflects on more than a handful of things on the insightful single titled “Identity.” Ranging from gender discrimination, self-love, and ethnic pride. Pritt delivers a melodic performance that is dripped in her Tamil background and social consciousness. The track serves as an anthem for reclaiming her status and to empower fellow women folk to appropriate the overused female stereotypes. She is currently working with grime rapper Chip and his label, Cash Motto on a project to be released soon.




Jehdi – “Yamaha”

Jehdi takes us on a smooth musical journey on his new single titled ‘Yamaha.” Over a piano-driven backdrop, he delivers a solid performance that blends bravado, insightful elements and a whole lot of dynamic flows to match.

The single is a transitional track on the LP titled The New Republic. Get it on Apple Music, and Deezer.



Louis Metric – “Blind Spot”

Louis Metric has put his fake friends and negative individuals in his “Blind Spot.” Over a self-produced lush vibrant backdrop, he blends a nice melodic flow with edgy lyrics. Get it on Soundcloud, Apple Music , and Deezer.


Dragon Fli Empire – “Overtime”

Dragon Fli Empire delivers that good old classic hip-hop vibes on their new single “Overtime.” The head-nodding jam heralds the coming of the duo’s new album and serves as a solid introduction to new fans as well. Overtime can be interpreted as ‘over time’, meaning the duo is over being classified as ‘old school’ for embracing the boom-bap sound first made popular in the ’90s, to DFE, this sound is timeless.

Get it on Soundcloud, Apple Music, and Deezer.

Honey Made – “Honey Made”

Austin’s genre-bending funk band Honey Made set things off nicely with their self-titled track. The track is rife with all the goodies of the vintage funk-rock and soul jams from yesteryears. The production is super funky and edgy while the vocalists bring that catchy, call and response type performance to the forefront. The band has also been busy producing music. The band’s discography includes the singles “Do Ya?” and “Perfect Getaway” released in June 2019. A music video of “Do Ya? Was released in December 2019. In 2020 the band released the single “Ashy Pockets.” And its first EP “Couple Few” that includes the track “Honey Made.”
Get the EP on iTunes.




Ali Kulture – “Double It”

Ali Kulture is out for gold on his vibrant single “Double It.” The track captures the vintage 90s NY vibe with it’s upbeat and cinematic backdrop coupled with Kulture’s street edgy lyrics and smooth flow. The visual is pretty solid too.

Get it on Spotify.






P.T.P – “The Times”

NY raised emcee P.T.P aka Peter the Poet makes his debut on our list with “The Times.”  The song is dense with a sinister, dismissive swagger – commenting on the state of the Rap industry and local scenes with strong braggadocio and cool contempt. Get it on Soundcloud and Deezer. ‘The Times’ is a later album-cut on from his studio-album “HUNGER.” Get it here.




Diomer – “Get With The Love”

Diomer‘s “Get With The Love” is an uplifting piece that looks at the brighter side of things. Over a soulful alluring beat by Ntourage, Diomer takes time to reflect on his own beliefs and inner challenges he is facing and how he wants to be a better person. The video was shot in 2018 but just released in this quarantine season and sure helps ease our minds as the rapper projects positivity and love which we all need. Get it on Soundcloud





R.O.E. – “Can’t Stop”

R.O.E.  drops a loose track for us to rock to titled  “Can’t Stop.” For this one, he teams up with producer J. Slikk who laces him with a smooth alluring backdrop that is also head-nodding. R.O.E doesn’t waste time and keeps pumping the much-needed positivity for his fans.




SHDW – “No Games”

Baltimore rapper SHDW drops the sophomore single from his upcoming EP, SHDWBOXING.  The single sees him working with Dallas singer NSVN and producer Katapullt who helps craft a lush alluring backdrop for the rapper. SHDW delivers a solid performance that blends bravado with insightful lyrics to match while NSVN delivers a melodic performance rife with emotions and passions.

Get it on  Apple Music.






Chi-town artist XVRHLDY delivers a heartfelt piece titled “POV” which tells a story from two different perspectives while detailing the culture and gun violence in the city of Chicago. XVRHLDY’s voice echos through this melodic piece as he delivers a powerful message that everyone can relate to. Get it on Soundcloud, Apple Music, and Deezer.



The LOX – “Loyalty and Love”

The legendary NYC rap group The LOX drop their new single “Loyalty and Love” from their forthcoming album. The track is produced by Jimmy Dukes and Smiley‘s People and sure fits the profound lyrics from Styles P, Sheek and Jadakiss as they drop jewels and lessons for the young bucks to grow on. “Loyalty and Love” is their first formal release since their third studio album, 2016’s Filthy America… It’s Beautiful. Get it on Deezer, Audiomack and Apple Music.



Madison Beer – “Stained Glass”

New York raised singer Madison Beer makes her mark on our list with the alluring single titled “Stained Glass.”  A heartwarming piece that focuses on the often forgotten emotion called empathy. A lot of people go through inner struggles and sometimes all they need is someone to be there for them instead of judging them. “Stained Glass” explores these situations from Beer’s own experiences from being depressed but still finding a way to come out of it despite the scrutiny her life has been under. Get it on Spotify and Deezer.





Jah Freedom x Kil Ripkin – “Self Medicate”


Jah Freedom team up with Kil Ripkin on thew therapeutic jam titled “Self Medicate.” Over a groovy and somewhat cinematic backdrop, Ripkin delivers a solid performance as he drops positive gems to nourish our souls.

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