The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Lord Willin x John Solinas – “Waiting For The Rain”


Providence, Rhode Island wordsmith Lord Willin and Italian producer John Solinas share visuals for the song “Waiting For The Rain” from their collaborative E.P. Against All Vol.1. The track is an introspective/ soulful cut that is ripe with somber textures and the vivid lyricism of Lord Willin that dives into finding peace in this crazy world and never-ending cycle. The video is directed/edited by Voz.
The 5 track EP features guest appearances from veteran lyricist G Fella, up & coming to rapper Salvatore & Italian violin virtuoso Peppino Anfossi and is OUT NOW on all Digital Platforms here.


Jaheal – “I’m Not Next.”


Jaheal caught our ears with his new release titled “I’m Not Next.” The somber production is quite striking coupled with Jaheal’s melodic flow that exudes his pain, deepest emotions, and hopes for the future. He gives a gripping performance and his vivid lyrics come from an honest place.
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Darius – “Feels Right” feat. Duñe


French producer Darius shares a new funk/pop/r&b track “Feels Right” that sees him working with Duñe. The track has a healthy dose of retroelements and smooth bounce. It’s well-crafted and warm with alluring melodic runs and catchy hooks we all can rock with.
Get it on all DSPs here.


FoePound McGinnis x Christer Price – “Let Me Join You”



Atlanta-based artist FoePound McGinnis teams up with Christer Price on the reflective single “Let Me Join You.” Backed by a smooth soulful backdrop, the duo take time to drown out their struggles and tribulations with music and whatever past time comes into play.


Krept & Konan x S1lva x Morrisson x M1llionz – OLÉ (WE ARE ENGLAND)”


Krept & Konan present “Olé (We Are England)” alongside S1lva, M1llionz, and Morrisson. The unofficial England Team song for Euro 2020 sees the rappers deliver a football-infused wordplay as they pay homage to the round leather game and the players on the English team. It is produced by Show N Prove, and executively produced by Krept & Konan.
Get it on all platforms here


J-Onyx – “Can’t F With”


UK rapper J-Onyx shares her premiere video “Can’t F With” which showcases her lyrical dexterity and unique style over a cinematic and moody backdrop. The visual follows the masked rapper as she embodies her anonymity to the fullest.
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Dolo Spears – “BY ANY MEANS”


Indie rapper Dolo Spears has the smoke for the haters and naysayers on his new single “BY ANY MEANS.” The upbeat bouncy track sees the rapper in his element as he reminds the haters that he is not here to joke around with his career and he is poised to make it by any means. The visual is directed by Erickson Mat and Dolo Spears himself.
Stream D.O.L.O EP here.


KIDNAP – “Morning Scaries”


N.O raised indie rapper KIDNAP delivers this honest-filled track titled “Morning Scaries” which dives into the aftermath of an alcohol-filled night during a trip to Los Angeles. He takes the listener into the mix as he shows us his flaws and how he eventually puts himself back together over a smooth guitar-laden backdrop.
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Ro-Thoro x Lovesoul Ma’at – “Across the Globe”


Ro-Thoro teams up with vocalist Lovesoul Ma’at for this globetrotting anthem titled “Across the Globe.” Backed by a soulful and solid drum groove, Ro-Thoro delivers an aspiration-filled performance as he takes us along to different countries and it’s pretty exciting and vivid. “Across the Globe” is taken from his new LP The V.A.N. Project
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Ducce – “Streets”


Emerging rapper Ducce takes us deep into the “Streets” and shows us what it takes to make it. Over a bouncy trap backdrop, he shows resilience and determination despite the obstacles laid before him. “Streets” is taken from his Life Lessons Album
Get it on DSPs here.


Robez – “Chasing Dreams”


German Hip Hop Artist Robez makes his entry on our site with his new single “Chasing Dreams.” Over a soulful and somber backdrop, he breaks down his struggles and tribulations in his own unique way. He approaches it from a positive angle and implores listeners to never quit.
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Brotha Meech – “Another Mission”


Brotha Meech‘s “Another Mission” is a crunchy boombap jam that is pure bravado and lyric dense from start to finish. He makes use of a gritty, head-nodding backdrop to deliver his thoughts of sticking it to the system.
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Sinatra Royale – “ShowOff”


Sinatra Royale goes for gold on his new effort titled “ShowOff.” He makes use of a punchy distorted backdrop to paint vivid pictures of illustrious lifestyle while draping it in his unique bravado demeanor.
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Navitas – “Faith Within Myself”


Melbourne, Australia-based rap artist Navitas caught our attention with his new release titled “Faith Within Myself.” Armed with a background in poetry, literature, the arts, and performance he uses those skills on the mic in pure hip-hop style. He delivers an impassioned and lyric-dense performance over an upbeat cinematic backdrop while imploring listeners to break free from fear and reach for their goals despite the odds.


BurrLin – “WILDN”


BurrLin’s “WILDN” gets a visual treatment that sees him heading to Cartagena, Colombia. The visual has an aspirational vibe that ties into the song’s theme. Over Baby Breeze’s bouncy trap backdrop, BurrLin shares his thoughts on his journey from nothing to something.
Song is available on all digital streaming platforms here.






CHARMAINE comes through with a sensual single “SIZZLE” which sees her working with Kali. Over a moody and bouncy backdrop, both artists deliver vivid and graphic sexual encounters that will make your jaw drop.
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M Soto – “Gift & Curse”



Brooklyn, NY rapper/producer M Soto makes his entry on our list with “Gift & Curse” a heartfelt track that dwells on personal struggles and the effects it has on individuals.
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Speak – “Slipped My Guard”


Mexican indie rapper Speak caught our ears with his solid lyricism and flow on his new single “Slipped My Guard.” He makes use of a gritty punchy backdrop and delivers a vivid display of lyricism laced with bravado and insightful elements.


SlimYungMan – “Love Thy Neighbor”


SlimYungMan’s “Love Thy Neighbor” is a reflective and solemn track that dives into human interaction amidst racial tensions. The backdrop has a moody piano-laden vibe that adds emotions to SlimYungMan’s evocative lyrics.
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Dylan Williams – “Lakeside” feat. Troy Hudson


UK emcee Dylan Williams shares new heartfelt single “Lakeside” featuring vocalist Troy Hudson. Over a somber and reflective backdrop, he delivers a revealing tale of self-doubt and eventual growth. The track will feature on his anticipated forthcoming EP Soul Sundays Vol.1.
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Rxtherapper – “Fairytales”


Rxtherapper‘s “Fairytales” is a somber reflective track that dives into finding a way to live your dreams in this crazy game called life. Over a moody backdrop, he opens up the track with his own struggles followed by Chino XL and 80 Empire who add their own takes.
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Slice the Mic Snatcha – “25 to Life” ft. Sal Ly

Buffalo, NY emcee Slice the Mic Snatcha teams up with Nigerian/American singer Sal Ly on this heartfelt single titled “25 to Life.” A gripping record that dives into the tale of a father struggling to keep things together after his child was killed. It is quite visceral as Slice the Mic Snatcha paints a very vivid picture of a man who sought revenge and now has to pay the price. Singer Sal Ly joins him and adds a soul-gripping hook on the chorus section.


Chanelle Kazadi – “Superheroes”


Chanelle Kazadi is an Ohio native who caught our ears with this insightful and thought-provoking single titled “Superheroes.” The track dives into the state of affairs of being a member of the POC and the systemic struggles that come along with it. From police brutality, the bias justice system, and economical disenfranchisement, Kazadi shares her candid thoughts on these issues and closes it with the statement that she is tired of seeing villains and prays to see more superheroes from her hood.
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K.M. – “Goin Live”


Indie emcee K.M. closes out the list with this aggressive single titled “Goin Live.” Bolstered by a menacing texture made up of cinematic strings and synths and a hard-hitting drum groove, K.M delivers an impassioned performance peppered with bravado and vivid wordplay.
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