It won’t be fair not to show love to the cats that work behind the boards. Cats whose soundscapes help push hip-hop to loft heights. So in the same vein, this weekly list sheds light on budding and even established producers who continue to push the envelope for the culture. So sit back relax and get familiar with these producers.
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 illexotic -” The Courier”

SF Bay Area-based electro-hip-pop duo illexotic opens up this weekend list with “The Courier.” A nostalgia-inducing beat that is rife with dreamy textures, warm basslines, and solemn keys to match.  Taking inspiration from old TV shows, backpacking through the mountains, & Fallout New Vegas, “The Courier” is a soundtrack to good times & adventuring – with a dash of mystery & danger sprinkled in. “The Courier” is taken from their new beat tape Chillexotic.

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6th Sense – “As One”

6th Sense’s “As One” is a laid back, reflective beat that is ideal for an evening relaxation setting. From the layered soulful textures and neck-snapping drums, “As One” is something we can all rock to. It’s taken from his new instrumental album Someday We’ll Have A Party.

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J. Roosevelt – “Your Girl Could Never”


J. Roosevelt comes through with a solid beat “Your Girl Could Never” that blends elements of chop & screwed and moody lo-fi hip-hop. The solemn textures are effortlessly layered over the smooth drums and screwed vocals. The beat is quite enthralling and keeps the listener locked in.



Hace LA – “Speak for Me”


Hace LA‘s “Speak for Me” is a laidback, introspective instrumental made up of lush guitar riffs, solemn synths and soft drums. It’s something one can play while sorting out house chores and just relaxing in the afternoon sun.
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Daida – “In a lonely place”


Daida takes us into a very “In a lonely place” on his new release. He makes use of an actual convo that happened between his friend and his girlfriend when they broke up. The solemn textures sure add a layer of sadness unto the already reflective beat.
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Rei Kae – “Quick Moves”

Rei Kae shows us some of his glitchy trap beats on “Quick Moves.” A cinematic piece that makes use of ominous synths, hard drums and unpredictable drops.
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Some Tones – “Walking Daze”

Some Tones turns down the tempo on his entry titled “Walking Daze.” A chilled, reflective piece that moves somewhat lethargically but packs a lot of emotional punches with it’s layered soundscape.
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Padre Tóxico – “Chillpnotic”


“Chillpnotic” by Padre Tóxico goes deep into the moody arena. The thick low end textures, weird flute like synths and haunting atmosphere sure makes this engaging. Get it on Soundcloud.



Groove. – “Juno”


Groove.’s newest release “Juno” is filled with lo-fi tones, layered melodic sequences and rumbling live drums to complete the job. It’s quite soothing and makes one reminisce on the past.
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Chef – “Changes”


Chef goes for an upbeat vibe on “Changes.” He chops up a solid soul vocal sample, electric guitars and hard trap drums to match.
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Behind The Beat – “Dove”


Behind The Beat’s “Dove” is a mellow and somewhat sparse beat that makes use of an ominous piano riff, indiscernible vocals, and basslines. The switch-ups aren’t much but sure works well.
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Charlie. Mac – “Coast”


Charlie. Mac comes through with some summer vibes on his new release “Coast.” It’s very nostalgic and the instrumentation is crisp.
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Mr.Thy x Richard Münchhoff – “Would You”


DJ/producer Mr.Thy teams up with Richard Münchhoff for an engulfing collaboration titled “Would You.” The two bridge the worlds of sampling with live instrumentation and the result is quite astounding. From the lush textures, soulful vocal chops and smooth drums, we get a true feel of getting lost in the music. As a DJ he creates the Midnight Colors Show on 674.FM and WXLV Radio. His latest release is an EP series with the title The Adventures of Mr.Thy. Get it on Apple Music//Deezer//Youtube



NT Beats -“Did You Know”

NT Beats returns to the list with “Did You Know,” a smooth laidback beat that blends RnB and trap in the most seamless manner. The lush synths, Vocal samples, keys and sparse drum arrangement sure makes it engaging.



Metic – “Head High”


Metic delivers some warm, relaxing vibes on this new beat he calls “Head High.” The summer drenched beat is very soothing and the lush guitars are nostalgic too.
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Nefarious Aquarius – “Won’t Go Quiet”


Nefarious Aquarius sure won’t go “Won’t Go Quiet” as his new release. He makes use of a triumphant brass type synth and hard drums and blends them together expertly


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