It won’t be fair not to show love to the cats that work behind the boards. Cats whose soundscapes help push hip-hop to loft heights. So in the same vein, this weekly list sheds light on budding and even established producers who continue to push the envelope for the culture. So sit back relax and get familiar with these producers.
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Mr. Instra-Mental – “Kaotic City”


Producer Mr. Instra-Mental shares the instrumental to his song “Kaotic City.” The beat has a nice choppy and experimental vibe that is also eclectic in many ways. The original track is an ode to the hustle and bustle of  Chi-town



Handbook – “South”


Producer Handbook delivers a heartwarming beat titled “South” that really displays his versatility behind the boards. This strays from his usual hip-hop productions and ventures into a more experimental and melodic concoction. There are a lot of layered textures from lush strings, pads, and mellow drums. Get it on all DSPs here.

He is currently working on his new EP titled Directions scheduled for 04/17/2020.





PJhasBeats – “Diesel”

Seattle, Washington based producer PJhasBeats delivers that good old jazz-hop vibe on his new track titled “Diesel.” Using head-nodding drums, lush guitars and horns, he brings back that classic boombap vibe we all can rock to. he also takes it up a notch on the hook with a smoothvocal chop to match. The track is taken from his new 10-track release Tight Eyed. Get it on Spotify, iTunes, Deezer





SlimYungMan – “The Valley”

SlimYungMan returns to our list with a well-crafted beat he calls “The Valley.” He takes a somewhat ominous texture and laces it with solid hard-hitting drums to match. he sure keeps it simple as well as adding some off-kilter sounds as the beat progresses. The beat is taken from his new EP Compleks II, which features 9 spacey hip hop/trap-inspired beats.






Matatama – “Stamina”

Estonian music producer Matatama shares the gripping visuals for his instrumental single “Stamina.” A cinematic piece that blends a vibrant groove with layered textures giving off an urgent vibe. The beat is well crafted and builds up in a very seamless manner. The visual was handled by Doni Irawan who helps bring the theme of the beat to life. The video focuses on the power of determination and the zeal to go beyond the ordinary to achieve one’s goals. The road might be tough but with a tougher mind, the obstacles don’t matter.

Get it on Spotify, iTunes, Deezer,




T V S N – “Picking Roses”

Istanbul based Turkish producer T V S N makes his debut on our list with this lo-fi beat titled “Picking Roses.” Made up of lush melancholic strings and lush guitar riffs over a chilled head-nodding groove, he delivers a soothing piece that we can all kick back our feet and vibe to. “Picking Roses”  is T V S N’s first single release via Deadly Habits Music/Below System Records.





Army Zenn delivers a chilled, ominous beat he calls “Airbag,” which blends sad keys, laid back trap drums and a weird vocal sample. Get it on Apple Music, Deezer, and Youtube.





Chat One – “Harlem steak”

Chat One‘s first appearance on our list is a laid-back, reflective piece titled “Harlem Steak” which blend that classic NY boom-bap sound alongside it’s rich jazz roots. It sure has lo-fi hip-hop vibes as well and it’s something everyone can rock to. The track is taken from the Chat One’s album ‘3am Beats vol III’.

Get it on Apple Music and Deezer.




Duneboi – “Slanging”

Duneboi comes through again with another gem on his new track titled “Slanging.” He blends a handful of sounds from atmospheric pads, 808s, and ominous synths to deliver something out of the ordinary



Nathan-Paul – “Air Melodies”

Nathan-Paul helps us to calm down in these crazy times with his new release titled “Air Melodies.” The beat has very soothing keys peppered with nostalgia-inducing horns that blend seamlessly.

Get it on Soundcloud.





Prizm Wizard – “Sandstone Labyrinth”

Instrumentalist Prizm Wizard takes us into a whole new world on his ethereal creation titled “Sandstone Labyrinth.” The track has a very layered structure with lush strings, sublime keys, and bells that flow over each other as they rise to a plateau on several sections of the beat. Prizm sure packs a punch with this piece and the story behind it is a journey through epic landscapes while battling shadowy elements  as he tries to bring balance to the world

Get it on Soundcloud.



Belafonte – “ICY”

Belafonte flips a classic soul sample for his new single titled “ICY.” He takes us back to the good days with that flip and adds a smooth trap beat to complete the job. The beat is taken from his debut project, Plaid: A Concept Beet Tape.



defbymisadventure -” iMages”

Defbymisadventure drops an interesting one titled “iMages.” He makes use of somewhat ominous sounds and a thick synth that plays throughout. The drums here are quite edgy as well and the way the beat rises in the chorus section is solid.





 Ivan J Jones – “A Few Drops of Rain”

Multi-instrumentalist  Ivan J Jones closes out the list with this solemn piece titled “A Few Drops Of Rain.” As the title suggests, it’s inspired by an impending rain shower where the sun is still shining but a few rain droplets fall to the ground. The track is driven by the lush, solemn keys and smooth strings to match. Get it on Deezer.

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