We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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levizbeatz – “trap diamonds”


levizbeatz unearths “trap diamonds” a mellow, sparse beat ripe with moody textures, airy strings, and thick drums to boot.



KingXxStrategic – “Tempted”

KingXxStrategic makes his entry on our site with “Tempted,” a mellow piano-driven beat ripe with solemn synths, warm basslines and soft drum grooves.



AJI – “Seagulls & Coffee”



German producer AJI shares “Seagulls & Coffee” a mellow ad soothing beat ripe with somber textures, crisp guitar riffs, and airy vocal-like synths.





Teets – “Relax bro”



Canadian producer Teets shares the new release “Relax bro” which flips a classic soul sample into something refreshing and relaxing. From the warm textures, cinematic strings, soft percussions, grooves, and the sultry vocal chops. There is so much to unpack.




Sly5thAve x silvana estrada x Roberto Verástegui – “Poinciana”


Sly5thAve teams up with vocalist Silvana Estrada and Roberto Verástegui for their unique rendition of the Latin jazz standard “Poinciana.” From the cinematic strings, soft heavenly horns, lush keys and soft grooves peppered by Silvana’s sultry melodic hums. The result is pure eargasm.





Juju Juice – “The Rain [ Instrumental ]”



Juju Juice taps into the lo-fi terrain in this new release titled “The Rain [ Instrumental ].” From the solemn aesthetics, moody textures, and layered arrangement. The track is quite engaging and alluring from start to finish.



DaMarcus VanBuren – “Epic (Instrumental Version)”

DaMarcus VanBuren‘s “Epic (Instrumental Version)” is a cinematic piece ripe with orchestral elements layered over a bouncy drum groove. It’s not overproduced and each musical element shines through.


Chamon – “Flow Like Water”

Portugal-based producer Chamon embodies Bruce Lee‘s philosophy about being fluid in his new release titled “Flow Like Water.” The production is quite off-kilter, somewhat brooding but the dynamics do change from time to time





Coujo – “gene-yuhs”

Coujo brings something new to the playlist with his new release titled “gene-yuhs.” A beat that is multi-layered and makes use of elements from soul/hiphop, drill, and experimental sounds.


Rudy Raw – “Hip Hop & Rap”



Munich, Germany-based producer Rudy Raw serves us a solid hit of pure “Hip Hop & Rap.” He blends smooth jazz/soul vibes with boom-bap aesthetics and the result is solid from start to finish.





Mighty Mushroom – “Sunshower”


Israeli producer Mighty Mushroom gifts the list with “Sunshower” a mellow and reflective piece ripe with somber guitar riffs, warm basslines, and soft drum grooves.


NZ6 – “R T B”

NZ6 is the Electronic music producer duo from Cologne, Germany who caught us with their new release titled “R T B.” A fusion of solid hip-hop drums, moody textures, off-kilter sound design, and vocal manipulations to boot.





Ulises Valadez Contreras – “Hechizo”

Chi-town based experimental producer Ulises Valadez Contreras shares the visuals for his song “Hechizo.” A sublime and rhythm-driven beat that blends electronic, DnB with hip-hop sensibilities. The visuals make use of the classic Shaolin Soccer flick. The song is taken from his 3 track EP Mientras Todo.

Ulises Valadez Contreras, most known for his project “Noir” under the moniker “Man Bites Dog” dabbles in a wide variety of genres, primarily making instrumental hip hop, electronic, and experimental music.






DYLBABY‘s new release  “CROWNED” takes elements from jazz, lofi hip-hop with moody elements. From the somber horn riffs, dark textures, and sparse but punchy drums, the NY based producer sure keeps listeners locked in from start to finish.




berj – “together forever”


Lebanese producer berj makes his entry on our site with “together forever” a mellow lofi/soul beat that also utilizes soft melodic samples from singer Bryn blisk. The producer expertly chopped up her vocals and layered them across the chilled soundscape.

Coujo – “just like god 2”

“just like god 2” is a dark cinematic instrumental courtesy of producer Coujo. Made up of thick 808 drums, crunchy snares, and dark trippy textures. it’s pretty energetic and fit for some fiery trap raps.



FIFTY VINC – “Way Of The Warrior (Part I)”


German producer FIFTY VINC shows us the true “Way Of The Warrior (Part I)” with this anthemic track. Although released years ago, it sure hits the mark with its triumphant orchestral stabs, brass lines and airy choral textures to match.


Las Dos – “Neutral”


Las Dos‘s new single “Neutral” is a mellow and soothing piece ripe with rich piano riffs, dusty basslines, moody textures, and crunchy off-beat drum grooves. It’s taken from the EP Wet Season from the Osaka-based producer.


Simplistic Scientists 木火 – “Yeah”


Simplistic Scientists 木火 return to our site with this classic-sounding single titled “Yeah.” It’s a seamless blend of boom-bap drums, moody tones, pulsating basslines, and some scratches as well.




Milli Beat$ – “Keys in the Trap (Free Bass)”


Milli Beat$‘s “Keys in the Trap (Free Bass)” is a trippy beat ripe with thick basslines, moody textures, and crunchy synth riffs.



Eden Barel – “Mid Breakfast”


Eden Barel is a composer/producer and a multi-instrumentalist based in Tel Aviv whose new release “Mid Breakfast” caught our attention. He seamlessly bridges soul/jazz in his own manner and delivers this rousing and eclectic tune ripe with punchy drum grooves, anthemic horns with exotic textures to match.


Ed Addo – “Be Ready”


Ed Addo‘s new effort “Be Ready” is an ethereal piece ripe with moody and warm textures, lively percussions, rolling hi-hats with a solid drum groove. The track is inspired by his time in Indonesia and Singapore and is the first track released by Ed Addo under Acre Green.


Jonny Rythmns – “Have Some DMT On Me”


Producer Jonny Rythmns goes the off-kilter and trippy route with his new effort titled “Have Some DMT On Me.” The synths are quite a bubbly bunch psychedelic and the drums are punchy as well.


Essam Sami – “Golden Memories”


Essam Sami‘s “Golden Memories” is a blend of soft tones, punchy trap drums with a soothing vibe.


AJI – “Waves”


German producer AJI takes us away with “Waves” a soothing lofi track ripe with ethereal sounds, lush guitars, angelic vocal samples, and soft drums to boot

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