We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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SVMRI – “Time Unwinds”

SVMRI drops “Time Unwinds” taken from his latest EP DVRK Thoughts. The track has a thumping drum groove with haunting vocals and solemn textures and overall, it has a nostalgia-inducing vibe.





Ghostnaut – “Rainforest”

Ghostnaut and Lotus Beats join forces to bring us their new collaboration “Rainforest”, a warm and reflective piece that is comforting like sipping tea at home on a rainy day. The track is made up of rich guitar chords, rhythmic bass-laden grooves, and calming piano.


Nathan Lowary – “Infinity (Slowed)”

Nathan Lowary drops “Infinity (Slowed)”, a laidback and lethargic beat ripe with dark moody textures and downtempo drums. The production is quite off-kilter and has an edgy element to it.


Kyle Quentin & The Kyles – “Lemonade Daydreams”

Kyle Quentin & The Kyles return to our playlists with “Lemonade Daydreams”, a chilled and bright track that has summer and hopeful aesthetics.


Frxnco – “Autumn”

Lofi-HipHop and ChillHop producer  Frxnco cheer us up with “Autumn”, a smooth guitar-driven beat ripe with warm summer aesthetics that will surely warm us in this winter period.



Zeke Powers – “flowers”


Canadian lofi artist, Zeke Powers caught our ears with his latest release “flowers”, a sublime piece that captures the serenity of an autumn evening. With its rich guitar plucks, warm pads, soft drum grooves and throbbing bassline, the producer brings us something refreshing and soothing.



I’m.Busy – “eat, sleep, beats, repeat”

Rising producer I’m.Busy taps into the never-ending cycle of life in “eat, sleep, beats, repeat”. The track is a superb blend of lofi soul, jazz underpinned by crunchy drum breaks and engaging sound design.




Steve Nguyen – “KJG”


Multi-faceted artist Steve Nguyen makes music for films, TV and works in the multi-media sphere and on the side, he found time to gift us this new release titled “KJG”. The record has a warm and solemn feel and its rich textures are well-crafted and soothing as well.



EisZ – “Sushi time”

French beat maker EisZ prepares something delicious for pour ears with “Sushi time”, a chill-hop track with future R&B elements. The arrangement is dynamic and the bright synth leads, pads and snapping drums are perfect.



Dumage – “Twilight”


Dumage takes us into the “Twilight” in his new release which is a sublime mix of chill hip-hop and jazzy lofi vibes. Overall, the track has a warm and nostalgia-inducing feel and its perfect for one’s meditative playlist.




Blue Sirens – “Fall Break”

Blue Sirens delivers this reflective beat titled “Fall Break” which was inspired by the feeling of falling leaves and the serenity of taking a break from school and away from the pressures of writing exams and school work. The track has a mellow and relaxing tone and it’s perfect for that early morning motivational push.


Mr. Donsai – “After the Storm”


Mr. Donsai’s “After the Storm” is a solemn and melancholic tune made up of warm textures, sublime pads and hushed drums. He also adds some excellent sound design elements into the mix that gives it emotional depth.





Psylone – “Man With A Plan”

Psylone drops “Man With A Plan”, a soulful chill-hop tune ripe with layered guitar plucks, bright textures and a head nodding drum groove to match.




Rainbows N Stuff – “Just Like It Used To Be”

Rainbows N Stuff make his first entry on our playlist with “Just Like It Used To Be”, a dreamy and atmospheric tune ripe with ethereal synth pads, soft keys and sparse grooves.




Jona Kandaly – “Jardin”


Milan, Italy-based producer Jona Kandaly delivers something refreshing and soothing with his new release titled “Jardin”. The track is warm, and relaxing and the instrumentation is crisp from start to finish.





Milli Beat$ – “City Lights”

Milli Beat$ helps us close this week’s list with “City Lights”, an R&B-infused tune with funk and jazz aesthetics. The drums are punchy, the bassline is enthralling and the dreamy textures are alluring and rich.
It’s a perfect way to close this list.

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