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macj – “dust”.

macj shares his new single “dust” taken from his debut instrumental album titled roots. “dust” is as sombre and soothing as they come and is made up of a mellow bassline, sublime textures and a head-nodding groove to boot. roots is a 15-track instrumental album that makes use of chill and mellow soundscapes. Stream and download it here.


East Mane – “BeachesBeaches”

East Mane‘s “BeachesBeaches” is a mellow and solemn track that exudes the blissful aura of summer. The guitar plucks are rich and subtle and the pads have a reflective aesthetic as well.




Groove. – “DREAMS OF HOME”

Groove. thrills us with “DREAMS OF HOME” in this brilliant piece. The pianos are soulful, and dynamic and the nostalgic pads seamlessly blend with the soft drums and warm strings.


CaliCronk – “Reaching”

CaliCronk teams up with guitarist Monomoo for this soul-stirring single titled “Reaching”. The production is quite solemn, mellow and sparse with a focus on the progressive guitar arrangement and warm pads.


Big O – “Sailing Away”

Big O got us reminiscing with his new release “Sailing Away”. The sombre tune is comprised of sublime and airy pads, and smooth textures all underpinned by a crunchy drum break.


Callmegulliver – “Keep Going”.

Callmegulliver drops the second release from his stash for 2023 in the form of this beat titled “Keep Going”. The track has a mellow and reflective aesthetic made up of moody horns, and sombre pads that all slowly rise to a crescendo as the track progresses.





Igor Utzig x middt – “Apollo”

Brazilian instrumentalists Igor Utzig and middt bring some different vibes with their newest release titled “Apollo”, a smooth guitar-laden tune that sounds like a late 90s pop-rock record with lofi sensibilities.


Sebastian Jautschus – “Lac Vert by Night”.

German producer Sebastian Jautschus sure knows a thing or two about melancholy as he delivers “Lac Vert by Night”. The laidback tune is made up of sombre pads, birds chirping and solemn synths all underpinned by soft drums. Overall, it sure is a soothing piece that we all can rock with.




Lo.P – “Sunday Workhours”

Lo.P shows us how “Sunday Workhours” go in his latest piece. The production is groovy, lively and has a nostalgic element as well.



EisZ – “All is lost”.

French producer EisZ caught our ears with “All is lost”, a mellow and relaxing chill-hop,lofi track that is also uplifting and exudes a breezy sumer vibe.


Juhan Ongbrian x Shane Sato – “Changes”.

Producers Juhan Ongbrian and Shane Sato team up for this genre-bending track titled “Changes”. The fusion of jazz/alternative rock with lofi elements is pleasant and the dynamics are quite engaging too. So many elements to unpack, from the lush guitar plucks, mellow keys, rousing drum grooves and dreamy pads.



nozzie – “vie nocturne en ville”

“vie nocturne en ville” is a dreamy and ethereal piece from Australian producer nozzie. The track is a piano-0driven affair and it’s made up of soft drum grooves and mellow textures to boot.

Astral22 – “Shoshin”.


Astral22 takes us to a different viewpoint with “Shoshin”, a sublime mix of lofi , and R&B with a touch of experimental aesthetics. From the dreamy textures, warm pads and spacey arps, listeners sure get enthralled by the bright and solemn vibes he brings to the table.


1depth – “Midnight Sun”


1depth got some tricks up his bag as he drops “Midnight Sun”, a snapping head-nodding jam that takes elements from improv jazz, modern lofi and soul. The piano riffs are trippy, and soul-stirring and the bass-driven groove is solid as well.


Dumage – “Good Night”


Dumage‘s “Good Night” is a solemn track that is perfect for one’s lounge playlist. The production is dreamy, the pads and guitar arrangement is seamless and soft and overall it offers a comforting aura for listeners.


sad.exe – “so stanky”.

Swedish producer sad.exe sure caught our attention with “so stanky”, a jazz-infused lofi jam that has dreamy and atmospheric aesthetics that will keep listeners tuned in from start to finish.


Sé Bastian – “Far From The Crowd”


Irish producer Sé Bastian‘s newest release “Far From The Crowd” is a mellow lofi effort that is built on soft pedal guitar riffs, soft grooves and percussions that blend perfectly.


Halfspeed – “Clear Day”

Halfspeed gets into his bag with “Clear Day”, a fun-filled and uplifting track that reminds sone of the mid-summer lounges and meet ups. The guitars sure cut through the mix and the warm basslines are as sublime as they come.


Groove. – “MorningAir”.


Prolific producer Groove. opens up the airwaves with “MorningAir”. The track is a sublime mix of jazz elements with lofi/soul aesthetics. The ebb and flow of the bassline, lush pads and soft percussions is brilliant and keeps listeners locked in.


Philip Phunk – “Sunset (Without You)”.


Philip Phunk gives us lovelorn vibes in his new effort tiled “Sunset (Without You)”. The sadness sure permeates across as the solemn keys and pads merge perfectly and deliver an undeniable melancholic experience.


Straizo – “Northern Forest”.


Norway’s Straizo takes us deep into the magical “Northern Forest” with his new release. The track has a dreamy and ethereal vibe with its lush keys, sublime textures and overall soothing vibe.


Sleep Powder – “vino”


UK producer Sleep Powder gifts us with “vino”, a relaxing piece made up of lonesome horn-like synths, sad pads and a silky guitar accompaniment.


L O F I L U V x Starburst Records – “Whispering Pines”.


L O F I L U V and Starburst Records team up to deliver this soul-stirring tune titled “Whispering Pines”. The track is as solemn and relaxing as they come and it sure is dynamic with its soft pads, rich guitar plucks and soothing vocal runs.


Bmbu – “float”.


Bmbu comes through on our list again with something refreshing titled “float”. The track sure lives up to its title as it seamlessly flows over the ears with its soulful mellow keys, throbbing basslines and punchy drums.


Widen Island – “Clearing the Way”.

We head to Sweden with the help of producer Widen Island. He thrills us with his new track “Clearing the Way”. The track is a nice blend of lofi/soul and it’s made up of lush piano riffs and a layered ominous synth with warm pulsating basslines to match.



LF Navi – “Fading Light”


LF Navi brings the tempo down with the sombre “Fading Light”, a mellow solemn track made up of sparse drums, moody synths and pads tied together by a sad guitar riff.


strewing – “Acoustic Dreams”


strewing‘s “Acoustic Dreams” has a bittersweet aesthetic. The guitar arrangement has hints of melancholy and hope and the starting riff reminds one of that old Craig David tune. The track sure progresses into a layered early 2000s R&B-styled sound underpinned by lofi elements.



sftspkn x Prithvi – “Stargazing”



“Stargazing” by sftspkn x Prithvi is the perfect playlist closer as it sounds like a warm and reflective end credits scene. The textures are relaxing and the guitar riffs are mellow and alluring from start to finish.

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