Uprising rapper/producer Master Wiz caught our attention with his latest album World Away, a 12-song body of work that aims to showcase his profound lyricism over hard-hitting boom-bap-infused live instrumentation. The project sees Master Wiz in his element and he holds down the fort on his own, save a few tracks. World Away is his sophomore solo project and the first of a series of albums that will drop later this year.


The project starts with the energetic and aptly titled “Planet Killer” which is made up of a cinematic texture and thumping drum break. here, Master Wiz embodies the spirit of the Marvel Comic Super Villain Galactus, the self-proclaimed Planet Killer whose presence alone could petrify his foes. Lyrically, Master Wiz does the same and knocks out his opposition with crater-forming verbal punches. This is followed by “World Away” featuring guitarist Endustrie , the track is a reflective piece that explores the dynamics of people, Life’s double standard and the decaying morals of society. Master Wiz pours his heart and pleads “Who is gonna erase what is wrong with the world today? Sometimes I’m fighting for the Earth, a world away/Will all the drug dealers and killers fade away/And those who make the world a better place, all stay” and follows it with a sad tale of unfortunate individuals caught in the cycle of life. Next up is “Heads up High”, a guitar-driven piece that has pop aesthetics with a gritty hip-hop element. Once again guitarist Endustrie peppers the track with his slick arrangements while Master Wiz delivers an uplifting message for listeners to not let the struggle throw them off balance. This is followed by the anthemic and haunting “Vocalized Heat” and here, Master Wiz gets back in his bravado mode and delivers a flurry of no holds barred raps that are off-kilter and engaging as well.


“Let It Be” is introduced by a slick guitar arrangement layered over a head-nodding drum break while Master Wiz proceeds to wreak the mic with lines like “My flow make your whole thing closes cocaine, no brain is what they do/hanging with you because you’re so lame/My rhymes will make your heart race pace like it’s your soulmate” and tops it with an easy-going hook. Endustrie returns on “Rainy Days”, a reflective tune that details the doldrums and cloudy days while “Alien Eyes” is filled with vivid lyricism that stylish rhyme schemes. This is followed by “Rhyme Tape Special”, a playful but punchy beat underpinned by Master Wiz’s energetic flow, expressive lyricism and sing-songy hook. So far, the rapper seems to be having fun with the way he flows effortlessly over the punchy soundscapes and his knack for easy-to-remember choruses is a plus as well.


The project closes out with the boastful “Ivy” featuring guitarist Endustrie and the triumphant “Flash G”.   “Ivy” starts with some retro movie samples and the backdrop has a scenic vibe and sets the tone for Master Wiz’s unapologetic lyricism and commanding flow over the guitar-laden backdrop. The final track “Flash G” samples the classic Flash Gordon theme music and the result is another impressive lyrical display from Master Wiz who attacks the beat with much ferocity and passion. His knack for painting vivid imagery with his metaphors, wit and dark humour is one for the books.


In a nutshell, World Away is a brilliant display of lyricism and production from Master Wiz who sets the standard for himself throughout 12 tracks. No stone is left unturned and each track is packed with hard-hitting bars from start to finish.


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