We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Krisengebeat – “Da Flava”

Krisengebeat opens up this week’s list with a solid hard-hitting boom-bap beat he called “Da Flava.” The track is made up of a jazzy xylophone, dusty basslines, reflective horns, and crunchy drums.




 Civin – “Fresh Air”


German producer  Civin breathes out “Fresh Air” on his new release. The track has an upbeat bounce laced with nostalgic strings and moody vibes.

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Russian producer ALXiMER pays homage to the German trance duo on the eponymous release “COSMIC GATE.” The track is quite cinematic and is riope with cinematic and dark vibes from start to finish.


Papi Churro & FRANZ – “Compañeros”


German production duo Papi Churro and FRANZ deliver this upbeat guitar driven instrumental titled “Compañeros” to our list. A smooth groovy jam that evokes summer nights, sombrero hats and iced drinks.





 Johny Holiday – “No Stop Till Monaco”

Basel-based DJ/producer Johny Holiday makes his entry on our list with this smooth laidback jam titled “No Stop Till Monaco.” The track is sparse and makes use of a handful of elements like warm synths, catchy horns and percussions to match. It’s pretty groovy and straightforward.



 Yan Lex & Alkis K. – “Save Your Tears (The Weeknd Cover)”

Production duo  Yan Lex and Alkis K. deliver an instrumental cover of The Weeknd‘s “Save Your Tears .” The duo sure add their own Lo-fi twist into the mix with their laidback, nostalgic textures and ambient guitars that engulf the soft drums. This is the third single – in collaboration with Alkis K. from a music series that will be released every month.




johnboybeats – “Costa”

johnboybeats‘s newest effort titled “Costa” is as nostalgic as they come. From the soft warm keys, snapping drums, moody basslines, and sublime vocal samples, the producer sure delivers the goods.

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Nefarious Aquarius – “Significant”


Nefarious Aquarius drops any gem for us this week with his new release titled “Significant.” A chilled synth laced beat with boomy basslines and somber keys to match.




Catch92 – “Parade”


British producer/composer Catch92 caught our ears with his new single titled “Parade.” The track is punchy, dreamy, and quite engaging with its layered texture and dynamic arrangement that keeps the listener’s head nodding from start to finish.
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Sebo & Doodles – “Skipped Spring”


“Skipped Spring” is a soulful guitar-driven composition by Germany-based Sebo & Doodles. The musical collective team up fr a short live session with their instruments cranking up the funk to the highest degree.
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Pete Mac – “About It”


Boston producer Pete Mac treats our ears to the feel-good life on his new beat titled “About It.” He masterfully chops up some smooth soulful samples over mellow drums to create something refreshing
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Gbeatzs Vibes – “Euphoria”

Emerging producer Gbeatzs Vibes taps into the hard-hitting vibe on his beat “Euphoria.” From the thick 808 kicks, ethereal pads, and cinematic keys, the producer crafts something for the hardcore trappers out here.
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Boy Illum – “Night Bus”


German producer Boy Illum takes us on an epic “Night Bus” where the sounds of the night keep you awake in an enthralling manner. The beat is quite engulfing and has a smooth layered atmospheric and moody vibe all through
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PETE – “Ear Lobe”

PETE’s newest endeavor “Ear Lobe” is a blend of lofi elements laced over crispy drums and warm basslines. It’s laidback and the layered arrangement is quite arresting as well.




Italian producer NEXT.wav enters our list with his hard-hitting cinematic beat titled “OCCULT.” The trap-infused dub instrumental is ripe with drill basslines, somber synths, and pulsating synths that raise the energy levels.
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Behind The Beat – “Analgesic”

Behind The Beat comes through with this choppy, relaxing beat titled “Analgesic.” It has a smooth jazzy vibe and crunchy drums to match.
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PROVO – “Patterns”


PROVO returns to our weekly list with “Patterns” a laidback cinematic piece ripe with somber textures and dynamic layered elements that keep the energy flowing. It’s the 2nd single from Provo’s upcoming instrumental EP HANK (12th March 2021).
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Jomy – “Laundry”


Jomy is a producer who caught our attention with his new eat titled “Laundry” the track has quite an interesting dynamic and the variations make it engaging too. From the Orient-styled textures and cinematic switch-ups over thick drums to the dark moods used, the producer really switches the energy up as the beat progresses.



7thSoul – “If Only (Daydreamin’)”


Emerging producer 7thSoul comes through our list with “If Only (Daydreamin’)” a soothing beat that is nostalgic and warm. Nice use of driving drums and the Rhodes are well layered too.
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Psalm Trees x Guillaume Muschalle – “Bring Me Sun Pt.2”

“Bring Me Sun Pt.2” is an excellent collaboration between British producer Psalm Trees (based in Rotterdam) and French guitarist Guillaume Muschalle (based in Paris). Although the duo have never met in real life, the two have formed a bond with sic acting as the nexus. The track is a relaxing and summer-themed track filled with bright moments from the soothing vocal sample, lush uplifting guitars, and alluring keys and grooves.
“Bring Me Sun Pt.2” is taken from the duo’s 12 track project entitled We Must Believe in Spring.





The Novemberist – “Fresh Start”


The Novemberist starts from ground zero with this new release titled “Fresh Start” a laidback soothing beat ripe with punchy drum breaks and a soulful vocal melody that plays throughout the track like a mantra. The track is the first release from his forthcoming monthly release that sees him dropping songs every month in the year 2021. “Fresh Start” is the January edition and we hope to hear more as time progresses.
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whtamess – “Imperfection”

Austrian producer whtamess closes up the list with his new release “Imperfection.” A pounding dark beat boosted by distorted synths, cinematic textures, and crunchy drums. It is taken from his solo EP Outerworlds.
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