We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Fresh – “More”


Fresh -dive into the somber zone on “More” a laidback, moody track ripe with smooth piano riffs, pulsating drums, and ethereal vocals.
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KristianK – “Alright”



KristianK is a music producer originally from Osijek, Croatia, and on his new release titled “Alright”, He flips Elis Regina’s vocals to create a laidback and reflective piece. A blend of smooth jazzy pianos, neck-snapping drums, and alluring vocals to complete the mission. Get it on Bandcamp



Metic – “Finding Home”


Producer/guitarist Metic brings back the warmth on “Finding Home” a soulful piece ripe with snapping drums, heavenly guitar plucks, and soothing textures. “Finding Home” is the lead single from his upcoming Soul Feather EP.




Dirty D – “San Miami”


“San Miami” is a cinematic beat from producer Dirty D who makes his way to our site this week. The track threads a handful of genres with its dynamic and varied arrangements, the ethereal sounds, jazz horns, and deep basslines all add up to create one enthralling piece.
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Sun Deep – “Elevator”


Sun Deep‘s “Elevator” is a laidback soothing piece that sounds like a mix of trip-hop, downtempo and lofi elements. The layered synths are ethereal and the drums are not too punchy but the grove is solid too. “Elevator” is taken from his newest instrumental EP.
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Kaureer – “Roses”


Kaureer comes through our list with “Roses” an ethereal beat ripe with atmospheric synths and spacey vibes. It;’s quite cinematic too
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Keedy Weedy – “Dot”


NYC-based producer Keedy Weedy makes his entry on our list with “Dot,” a lofi somber beat ripe with warm basslines, dusty guitar tones, and an alluring vocal sample.
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DBLHX – “GeekWorks”


DBLHX takes inspiration from the late great Dilla on his new effort “GeekWorks.” The dark moody beat takes 3 samples from “Donuts” and flips it into his own creation. The result is a scenic and urgent beat that feels like a scene from an action-packed thriller.
This beat is a layered beat of the three samples used in J Dilla “Donuts”.
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Washyb. – “Iris.”




Washyb. brings forth the might of cinematic sounds on his new release titled “Iris.” The track is ripe with anthemic orchestral elements and thick 808 basslines and rousing trap drums to complete the mission.



Sweeps – “clarity”


Sweeps teams up with fellow instrumentalist NK on “clarity” a chilled soulful record ripe with lush keys, heavenly guitar plucks, and punchy drums. “clarity” is taken from the sweep’s new album Escapism.
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DaMarcus VanBuren – “Made It Through”


DaMarcus VanBuren goes for a somber and reflective mood on his new release “Made It Through.” It’s straightforward, soulful, and heartwarming.
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Sïckö – “YAMAS”


As Sïckö prepares for his forthcoming summer album he shares with us its new release “YAMAS.” The track is a nice synth-driven piece with an engaging groove and ethereal sounds. Solid as expected


AOI – “petals falling from the cherry tree”


Japanese producer AOI makes her entry on our list with this warm and sobering piece titled “petals falling from the cherry tree.” She blends crunchy drums, pulsating basslines, ethereal textures, and chilled guitar plucks all culminating into a rich lo-fi sound.
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Leffen – “Floatin’ Redux”


Producer Leffen showcases his live instrumentation prowess on this lively piece entitled “Floatin’ Redux.” From the rousing drum patterns and lush textures and guitar riffs, he brings that bedroom vibe with an unusual twist for us to rock with.
Get it on Youtube.



Mvdk – “somepiano”


“somepiano” by Mvdk has a somber and reflective vibe. It’s quite solemn and dusty too. This is that quintessential lo-fi goodness we need in these crazy times.
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Raven Paradox – “Say Something”


Raven Paradox comes through the list with “Say Something” a nice fusion of boom-bap drums, jazzy pianos, and nostalgic horns to match. It’s very soothing and well-crafted too.
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Verseau – “Trapish”


French producer Verseau taps into the worlds of bass music and chill-dubstep to bring froth his new release titled “Trapish” The textures are quite atmospheric and very relaxing and the drums are soft and sparse. Interetsing mix for sure.
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The Elohim – “Sunrise”


The Elohim is a production duo made up of Bless 1 (Chicago, IL) and Castro (Lawrence, MA) and their latest offering is a dark cinematic piece titled “Sunrise.” It’s ripe with an ominous vibe and the drums are crunchy to the max, I sure can hear some Griselda artists spazzing out on this one. “Sunrise” is taken from their 7 song EP titled Sharp Metal Objects.
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Blue Front Hermit – “Figuring it out”


“Figuring it out” by Blue Front Hermit is a mixed bang and blends a handful of genres. It has a nice snappy drum arrangement, funky guitars, and airy textures to match. It’s pretty off-kilter in a good way. This song is from his latest album called LUX FORMA, which can be streamed here.
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LXXPZ – “Void”


UK producer LXXPZ shares this piece titled “Void” with us. The punchy beat is ripe with dreamy and ethereal textures. The sound design is really enthralling and it’s very cinematic as well. “Void” is taken from his instrumental EP ‘Volumed 2’
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Eddie Moore – “We Chillin'”

Producer Eddie Moore (from We The People) comes through with the jazz-infused boom-bap beat titled “We Chillin'” The track is quite relaxing and nostalgic with its lush keys, heavenly horns, and smooth punchy drums.





Emerging British musician/producer ERAAN closes out our list with his debut single “DROWN.” A moody and somber beat that is also engaging as well.

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