We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Violet Horizon – “King James Version”

Dallas, TX producer who goes by the moniker Violet Horizon opens up this week’s list with some trancey and atmospheric vibes on his new bat titled “King James Version.” It is quite engaging and the layered synths will keep the ears locked in from start to finish.

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Groove. – “2021”

Emerging producer Groove. shares his new piece with us titled “2021.” He blends rumbling trap drums with lush melodic keys and a solid bassline to match.


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Психо опера – “Mayble”

European producer Психо опера makes an appearance on our list this week with the short piece titled “Mayble.” It’s punchy and has a mellow and somewhat melancholic vibe.

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johnboybeats – “Just Feel”


johnboybeats drops a solid one in the form of his new release titled “Just Feel.” The instrumental is solid with its head-nodding drums, crisp guitars, horns, and ethereal pads.
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Dude – “Energized”


Dude‘s”Energized” is an upbeat trap instrumental laced with airy pads and atmospheric flute arrangements. It’s quite cinematic and engaging as well.





Killer Tame – “Stay In”

Killer Tame delivers an emotional piece titled “Stay In” that is made up of mellow textures and sparse drum arrangements. The blend of soft Rhodes, lush guitars, and moody pads sure sound solid.
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DBLHX – “BoomBap Odyssey”


DBLHX ‘s “BoomBap Odyssey” is an offbeat and punchy experimental piece ripe with zany, eclectic sound design, punchy drums, and an ethereal/mysterious vibe.




Nick Wolf – “Slowly Drifting”

“Slowly Drifting” is a soothing and nostalgic beat by Nick Wolf who makes use of soft keys, melancholic horns, and smooth drums to match. The track was taken from the Artifacts project released 3/27/2021
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𝔹 𝕆𝕆ℕ𝔼𝕊 – “Eightyeight”


Italian producer 𝔹 𝕆𝕆ℕ𝔼𝕊 shares “Eightyeight” from his first project Checkyoursoul. The beat is punchy and somewhat rousing with its rumbling drums, cinematic and gripping synths.
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Domino – “Adults Nights”


Domino‘s “Adults Nights” is a somber, reflective track ripe with lush and dreamy textures and he adds that it was inspired by those late nights watching adult swim


Kyuan Yurika! – “Dry Herbs”


“Dry Herbs” by Kyuan Yurika! is a relaxing and sobering piece ripe with nostalgic keys, layered synths all peppered into a seamless dreamy mixture.

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PETE – “Find It…”


PETE‘s “Find It…” is a dark and off-kilter beat that is ripe with somber textures, dusty pianos, punchy drums, and movie samples to match. It’s quite dynamic and unpredictable as well.




MoCity Jones – “Falling Apart”


Detroit producer MoCity Jones shares his new instrumental “Falling Apart” on our list. The beat is quite vibrant and energetic with its pulsating sample chops, punchy drums, and whistle-like synths.
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PROVO – “Cecile R.”


“Cecile R.” is a new funky lo-fi beat by German producer PROVO who once again delivers. From the smooth nostalgic textures, heavenly guitar runs, and seamless progression, the track sure runs the gamut of vibes.
“Cecile R.” is taken from his new project HANK, an 8 track instrumental EP out today
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Konstante – “Pixels”


German producer Konstante displays his jazzy style o this new piece titled “Pixels.” A blend of dusty piano riffs, upright bass, and soft percussions. Well-crafted and smooth all the way is what we say.



Sïckö – “ALMA’S LIFE”


Sïckö ‘s”ALMA’S LIFE” is a pop instrument comprised of bright musical elements, punchy drums, and a driving bassline that is hard to ignore. It’s quite dynamic and lush as well.



Pillowbop – “Daydream”


Austrian production duo who go by the moniker Pillowbop deliver a soothing and fun-filled piece titled “Daydream.” It’s a mixed bag of jazz, soul, and retro/futuristic funk all in one.
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Frank Freeman – “Retired Hammond vs Invaders From Space”

Frank Freeman’s “Retired Hammond vs Invaders From Space” is an action-packed space saga crafted with a handful of sounds. From the driving jazz piano movements, rumbling drum breaks, and cinematic textures. The video takes us into the world of a retired hero who comes out for the last hurrah to save Earth from the Salamander man and his evil forces from the planet Kule-Man.
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Wisemind – “Rest My Bones”

Wisemind makes his entrance on this week’s list with “Rest My Bones” a chilled, lo-fi piece ripe with nostalgia-inducing strings, airy textures, and soft drums.
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Quasi – Uf – “Instrumental”

German producer Quasi come through our list with “Uf Instrumental” a guitar-laden head-nodding track. It’s groovy and has a nice melodic texture too
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“SUPER” is a smooth lofi gem by NICO.x3 who always amazes us with his solid production. The track has a moody and melancholic vibe that is really entrancing.


jacuzzi Jefferson – “one time for the villain”


Producer Jacuzzi Jefferson pays homage to the late DOOM on his new release “one time for the villain” a laidback nostalgic instrumental ripe with lush soulful textures, smooth vocal chops, and sparse drums.
Jacuzzi Jefferson is also a member of the NYC-based group Pool Cosby.


Neil Donkin – “Voodoo”


UK producer Neil Donkin makes our list with “Voodoo” his first single from his instrumental project. The track has a somewhat dark synth-driven vibe and the drums are crispy too. Quite engaging and well crafted.
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Kubuch x Adam Dejnarowicz – “Last important thing”

Polish producer Kubuch teams up with guitarist Adam Dejnarowicz for a soothing piece titled “Last important thing.” The track is solemn and quite relaxing from the somber strings, heavenly guitars, and soft drums. Well-crafted and relaxing.
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