We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Vincent Adara – “Afternoon Melody

German producer Vincent Adara shares “Afternoon Melody”, a chilled relaxing beat made up of sombre piano riffs, sounds from nature and soft drum patterns to boot. 




Soulful Playground – “Get By”

Soulful Playground drops his latest single “Get By”, a summer-tinged track made up of a smooth melodic guitar arrangement, punchy drums and nostalgic textures. The progression is solid too and adds a different vibe to the track as it moves along.




macj – “cigarettes with u”

Emerging Krakow, Poland-based producer macj drops “cigarettes with u” as his single from his forthcoming instrumental project. The track makes use of a familiar piano riff and flips it with some moody and nostalgic strings with mellow drums to boot.

Stream it on all DSPs here.

Nocturnal The One – “Wild Woman(Blues)”

Nocturnal The One brings some good old boombap with sombre elements in his new release titled “Wild Woman(Blues)”. As the title says it’s made up of moody and brooding tones, mellow basslines and soft drums to boot.




Lukas Got Lucky – “Astronot”

Swedish producer Lukas Got Lucky shares his new effort titled “Astronot” with us. The track has a chilled laidback soundscape made up of lush piano keys, moody strings ith bell like synths layered over punchy trap drums. It’s well crafted and engaging from start to finish.


Saib x ØDYSSEE – “Cosmic Dust”

Saib links with Rotterdam-based producer ØDYSSEE for this new release “Cosmic Dust”. The track is a blend of warm textures, jazzy horns with lofi aesthetics to boot. It’s quite soothing and perfect for one’s evening playlist to unwind to.


Rizzler Beats – “OhBaby”

“OhBaby” is a rousing soulful beat from Rizzler Beats who makes his way on our list this week. From warm vocal hums, lush horns and punchy break beats, the producer deliver a solid alluring piece that everyone can rock with.





dopeman – “Computer Music”

dopeman switches it up with “Computer Music” a moody reflective beat made up of lush guitar plucks, sombre low tones with soft drum grooves to boot. Overall, it exudes a nostalgic feel that listeners can appreciate.


Billy Hammer – “Brooklyn”



Billy Hammer‘s “Brooklyn” sounds like a trip down memory lane with its jazzy reflective keys, soothing basslines and soft drum grooves layered over sublime vocal hums as well.


Little Archer – “Grace”


Sydney, Australia-based producer/beat-maker Little Archer caught our ears with his new release “Grace”. The mellow tune has sombre and nostalgic properties. From the warm solemn keys, strings, and soft drum grooves that blend perfectly together.

vhskid. – “Pure And Honest”

vhskid‘s “Pure And Honest” is a piano-driven tune that exudes pure nostalgia with its soothing progressions. The laidback groove and guitar pluck also add a nice finishing touch to it.

Hosie – “You Don’t Understand”


Hosie comes through with “You Don’t Understand”, a soulful track that hits hard with its crunchy drums and the subtle vocal shops that weave in and out adding that ear-grabbing dynamic element. It’s brilliant from start to finish.



The Independent Sound – “BS Le Metaverse 04”


Canadian instrumentalist The Independent Sound closes out this week’s list with “BS Le Metaverse 04”. The track is as smooth as butter and made up of lush guitar riffs, warm textures, and sparsely arranged drums to boot.

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